Sunday , November 29 2020

Warning! Pandemic flu Found 4 deaths: PPTVHD36

The Disease Control Department warns of the pandemic flu, which was obtained in the year 2019, more than the previous year, 46,648 patients, 4 deaths

    Warning! Pandemic flu 4 people died
Warning! Pandemic flu 4 people died

Journalists report that the Control of Disease Department's website has published a 199 "prognosis" (February 24-March 2, 2019) that the Control of Disease Department saw the flu situation in 2019 (January 1 – February 21) found that 46,648 of patients, 4 deaths compared to the number of patients and the previous year. We found that this year's flu has increased by the total number of patients this year above the previous year at the same time And higher than the median rate of 5 years, dating back to 2 times

From the news monitoring program 31 cases of flu patients were found to be more than the year 2018, and an increasing trend of start-ups and year 2019 onwards. After finding out in schools After a jail, a military camp and a hospital

This week's diagnosis and a health disaster It is expected that during this time there is an opportunity to meet the growing number of flu patients on an ongoing basis. Due to the weather that is changing in the past, especially in the northern region, it could easily make people ill

About flu Contact cough or functionality Or can be contacted by hand confidentiality and then use hands to touch the rotation or nose What people can stop with them? Wear a mask every time when you cough or tissue Do not meet other people who have flu symptoms. Do not choose things that are shared with others and regularly wash their hands. For full places, such as schools, prisons, military camps, patients should be screened. If patients with flu-like symptoms include fever, cough, mucus, muscle pain, patients should be separated immediately. And maintaining personal hygiene Do not use the product to share with others, such as glass, water, towels. Clean items that are shared daily, such as door pipes, power button, power away. And prepare mask and hand washing

For risk groups, such as obese patients Pregnant women Chronic patients such as asthma, chronic lung disease Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, diseases with low immune Disorders of disabled people who can not help themselves, children 6 months to 2 years age and older people aged 65 and over, etc. against the flu. To reduce the severity of the disease and reduce the chance of hospitals If in doubt, check in the 1422 helpline.

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