Tuesday , May 17 2022

W Plastic Surgery Hospital "had organized" Beauty W- Thailand Competition 2019, eager to change "


The Plastic Surgery hospital W hosted a "W W 2019, Ware, change" beauty competition to find a good person to become a hospital presenter. The final of the silver prize is worth more than 3 million, with the honor of the famous committee. Who came to judge the prize, such as Ton Hom – Sakun Tala Thian Phairot, the Dug – Panudat Wattanasuchat, Tuk – Wiyada Marakul, Nu Si – Syrirat Ruangsri and Guru, the beautiful beauty woman of Thanphat Chermjuttham, at a Plastic Double Surgery Hospital U Road along Ramindra Expressway Soi Pradit Manutham 25 For this activity, over 200 people join the activity. The committee includes a team of medical experts, see the suitability of each category.

Dr. Kamthorn Syriphan, Chairman of the Plastic Double Surgery Hospital Executive Board, "The main objective of this event is To give the general person the opportunity to change himself by surgery, join the competition I better changing the appearance and personality development By a team of medical experts Because the hospital agrees that Having a good appearance and personality It can increase job opportunities in many areas It also helps to increase confidence. "The Plastic Surgery Hospital W intends to provide services in every circle. By specialist doctors who are very proficient

The competition is divided into 4 categories, with a total value of over 2 million baht.
1. Smart Smart Model Boy Boy Boy Presenter Win a total prize of 250,000 baht. The winner is Mr. Athiwat Apilertrungrat.
2. Model Presenter W Smart Girl, beautiful girl Win a total prize of 250,000 baht. The winner is Khun Chananchita Siriprapat.
3. Perfect LGBT Smart Model, about 3, earns a total prize of 250,000 baht. The winner is Khun Phichayada Chatchamcharoen.
4. Perfect Change "Dare to change" to earn a total prize of 1,250,000 baht. The winner is Khun Bunthira Sattabongkot.

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