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November 20, 2018


"Reveals radiant complex overnight"

People's lifestyle in the 4.0 period is inevitable with the corruption. In everyday life, which is air pollution caused by lack of car, dust, cigarette smoke or bus germs, electric buses or even touching the door .

Health professionals often tell us that. "If your skin is healthy, it is not difficult. Just exercise regularly, eat a good diet And plenty of sleep every day." But with obligations. And the people's society in the period 4.0 forced us not to be able to follow those instructions, such as busy work, rather than returning home late. Do not have time to practice, morning and afternoon, it must be easy to eat. To go back to work in the office, to eat desserts, soft drinks or snacks, to go home late. Overtime work, socializing, party, sleeping & late.

O all the reasons mentioned. We know that we go home to care for skin, cream, face mask, face mask, leave it for 20-30 minutes and wash it. I was tired and lazy, I do not want to do it again, dry skin, flash skin, freckles, freckles, acne or diarrhea are tired. Skincare What do I do?

Boethter Radiance UNYA: "Rose Placenta and Mask Sleeping Water Mask" is a non-rinsing night cream that can be used to treat face skin. People in the 4.0 period too.

A mask is a soft gel. No light, lightweight. It can be absorbed quickly to the skin. Do not leave on the surface. He also has a soft aroma. From rose water

Active Ingredients are derived from 10 pieces that are naturally invented and researched as the 10 most effective co-operatives. A best results with the surface. The skin is radiant, juvenile, soft, tasty, juice (no), wrinkles and dark spaces disappear. Reduce on the surface. And reduce the incidence of acne. The five most unique pieces of natural pieces are as follows.

    Rose Placenta: The Rosemary Rose Extract, Rosa Damascena, is a rose that Cleopatra liked. Helps to shed skin cells, create collagen. And antioxidant activity. The quote has been named as an Excellent Facing Effect.
    Rose Water: The water of the rose is extracted from rose petals. Features such as Anti-Septic and Antibiotics. It can prevent wrinkles. And inflammation of the skin. It also helps to restore skin cells. Tighten the pores Add moisture. And balances the skin and is also anti-oxidant to relieve the skin. And healthy places, freckles and whistles.
    Hyaluronate Sodium: Moisture And to Skin. Helps to look at the skin smooth, stronger and firmer looks young.
    Whitonyl: white algae from France High quality Whitening Agent to reduce pigmentation. And reduce the pigment of pigment cells to cells. The skin is radiant.
    Codiavelane: a green sponge, a soft sponge from France Specially designed with the same as Natural humidity. Helps to wet the skin. Without the skin. Skin leaves are soft and full

UNYA produces the highest production standards. UNYA produces international standards (GMP, ISO and FDA). He has a team of qualified scientists with more than 10 years experience and distribution. In the form of a listed company doing medical business for almost 10 years, UNYA is sure to meet international standards. We do not leave the 4.0 way of life to stop our beauty. Let's face it.

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