Monday , January 17 2022

The new development nation holds the "No problem" slogan


As expected, "Dewan", the new slate, will hold the "No problem" slogan, emphasizing the middle line as Gen. Chatchai Choonhavan prepares to invite "Suwat-Wannarat".

On November 21 at 10 am at Waterford Amari Hotel, National Party Development Special Meeting of 1/2561 to choose party leader. New Party Executive Committee And the nomination committee, led by the party leader Dr Wannarat Chanukul, presided over.

After the meeting, Mr Wanwip Liptapanlop was the new party's head. In addition, the Board of Directors voted to elect the board of directors by voting in the booth. Important jobs such as the nine party leaders, including Mr. Prasert Bunsajachai, Mr. Nee Tanputprasert, Mr Watcharapol Jakomrasak, Gen. Thitivat Kengkarn, Mr. Nattachai Srinuangpinijit, Mr Prakit Prakarn, Mr. Sakorn Prompakdee, Mr. Pong Mr. Suthichai Chantravattana, a Mr. Thongchai Lumluk, the party's general secretary, Mr. Dol Hutrakul, party secretary, Mr. Chantrubebkaa chalitrat to Ms Yaowapa Bupolchai. Party

Then, Mr. Davean thought of the members elected as party leaders, and that he and the party's executive committee were committed to honesty, morality, self-sacrifice, and respect for national interests. As the subsequent National Development Party's address was a vehicle of choice. The party will use the slogan that the national development is not a problem to make new politics. And the National Development Party has no problem. Or is it a confrontation with someone? To relax the city.

"I am the leader of the 5th National Development Party, and I am ready for the executive committee to work on politics, based on Gen. Chatchai Chunavan, former prime minister and leader of the First National Development Party. This is the focus on the economy People's life Go ahead, create harmony Political journey Commitment I have been with all the parties No conflict with anyone "Good thing to do that. "

Later, Mr Davee said, on November 23 at 10:00 a.m., he would appoint a new party executive committee meeting. The important thing is to ask if Mr Suwat Liptapanlop and Dr. Wannarat Chanukul is party councilors. And if there is a joint decision. The team will invite Mr Suwat to the house immediately. They are also new in politics. So a team of advisers must help. Mr Suwat is experienced in many aspects. Mr Suwat on the advisory board will still wait for the discussion. The address of the party in the Nakhon Ratchasima area is sent to the 14 areas, and in other areas, the party will send the most agreement that there is little concern. Where are many political parties aiming to compete? In the area, but they believe that the development of the workplace and the creation of beauty in the area are also acceptable to the public, they can not evaluate it. How many seats? I'm not sure if that is the case. I believe that some areas of pre-MPs have hope. The area constituency believes that the area is good and fair.

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