Sunday , August 14 2022

The Labor Welfare Department discloses 13 l loan approval.


February 22, Mr. Wiwat Tanghong, General Director of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare (the Ministry of Labor) The Management Committee of the Labor Consumer Fund has approved a loan of 13 million baht for employees in the Credit Union Cooperation. Isuzu Engine (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has located in Lat Krabang Industrial Estate. For the cooperative to be an active capital to improve liquidity And there is a loan for employees and lenders to reduce debt and family expenses The cooperative had already received a loan approval for 2 times, taking advantage of 1,381 employees for this loan. It is expected to take advantage of 657 people who are members of co-operatives of 1,705 people

Mr. Wiwat on to say that Fund Employee fund The main objective is to promote savings. Supporting the release of informal employees' debt By providing loans at low interest rates through savings co-operatives and credit union co-operatives in business institutions and state enterprises To enable workers to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families. n invite the establishment of a cooperative savings to be a lease for workers And if the savings co-operatives are in the organization and any state initiative interested in lending money to workers For more information, contact Labor Welfare Group Finance group for employees. Tel 0 2248 6684 or 0 2246 0383


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