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The husband and the wife refused to burn the sugar cake plantation. The lost workers said "to break themselves down"


The husband and the wife refused to burn the sugar cake plantation. The employees disappear

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Two sugar canned farmers Order the government Do not increase air pollution Refusal to burn other farms Lead to totally lost labor No one came to hire to break It must help break yourself He said he was to do it

At 09:30 p.m. On February 21, the journalists came to the survey area to cut sugar sewage from hundreds of sugarcenters in Ubonrat Canton, Khon Kaen Province. Mr Prasert Kaewphichot, 53, was found in house no. 67, Moo 4, Ban Sap Somboon, Thung, Airy Ubonrat Dam and a woman helping to break the sugarboat on their own farm with more than 10 because they can not hire workers to break dogs in the farm. Because this couple's husband refuses to install a fire to his / her own gun So there is no work in the village Or neighboring villages to break

Mr Prasert stated that the reason for refusing to burn a sugar cake in that farm Because he had followed the news of the media that cutting a sugar cucumber has created a lot of air pollution Affects people in the area until the illness The governor asked for co-operation not to install a fire to burn a sugar cake on the farm. So follow A refusal to burn sugar cake So it needs to be broken Because they can not find work Most workers When I realized that the sugar dust did not burn it did not get hired it Claiming a tough break Because it has to cut the sugar canned leaves to the skin That is being crushed And it takes longer than the burn sugar belt

"About the cost of cutting a sugar branch and burning A sugar cuckoo that had not burned Different salaries were 40% stacked sugar yuan and 3 baht. it was not burnt in 15 baht. The salaries were also 3 baht, but the workers still wanted to burn. Although they cut 40 trees, they were cut faster than sugar cucumber. It burns 15 trees, but the price of cans when selling to the factory The burning trench will be deducted 30 baht per tonne, but the unfitted ditch will accept The full price. When looking for labor, it can not break a sugar boat So, help break, cut and continue

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