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The Disease Control Department warned the public to be aware of 11 infectious diseases during the rainy season.


On 23 May, Dr Sukhum Kanjanapimai, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health (STD) said the Disease Control Department had issued a notice to prevent diseases and health risks caused during the rainy season of Thailand, 2562. Be careful of diseases that can The most common diseases are respiratory infections, flu, pneumonia, communicable diseases that carry mosquitoes, dengue fever, brain fever. Malaria, fever, joint pain, mosquito Zika virus infection Food and water diseases are virus, hepatitis virus A. The other infectious diseases are hand, foot, mouth, Leptospirosis and 4 dangerous diseases, namely toxic mushrooms, toxic animals from lightning and road accidents.

"Ask to monitor and monitor the disease situation in the area. If an epidemic is found, send a research team that is moving fast (SRRT) to conduct an investigation, control and prevent the spread of the disease in the immediate area. Including public relations to the public Reducing illness and death as much as possible, ”said Dr Sukhum.

Dr. Suwanchai Wattana Yingcharoenchai, MD Director General of Disease Control said that group 1 disease was a respiratory infection, including flu. Found in all ages Found very ill in young children Most of those who died were elderly or our patients with chronic diseases. For pneumonia Or pneumonia Caused by a virus Contact a mucus touch Saliva or cough sneeze It can be prevented by maintaining health Sufficient rest Retain the body warm, wash hands regularly, not use personal items with others by Group 2 5 disease with mosquito vectors, including dengue fever, encephalitis, malaria, joint pain, mosquito Zika virus infection All can be prevented by removing mosquito breeding grounds and preventing themselves from being bitten by mosquitoes.

Dr Suwannachai said that group 3 food and water bacteria, including cholera, were caused by bacteria contaminated with food, drinking water or insects carrying diseases. The hepatitis A virus To be connected by touching blood saliva secretions from the two patients, preventing by eating food to cook new No insects The meal should be heated before eating. Avoiding raw food, drinking clean water and vaccination against Group 4 disease Other communicable diseases include foot disease, foot and mouth disease, which are common in children, t epidemic every year, during the rainy season or the open season. Associated with contact with mucus, saliva or feces of the patient While Bacteria Leptospirosis enters the body through wounds, scratches, muscle nuts, nose, mouth or jaw, skin is soaked for time long until it is soft Group 5 The health risks in the rainy season include the risk of eating toxic mushrooms. Don't eat unknown mushrooms Danger of toxic animals Keep the house clean. Not be a hiding place for poisonous animals Be careful when entering the placenta, grass, or The pile of lightning. When she rains To hide in a safe place like a large building Don't use outdoor mobile phones during a storm storm. Because it will motivate electricity into the mobile phone Drive carefully Due to rain, the road will slip, causing the length of the car to stop longer than usual. And also reduce visibility visibility drive

The Disease Control Department has announced the announcement of the prevention of diseases and health hazards caused by Thailand's rainy season, 2562 on 17 May.


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