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Summary "The loincloth. Dduwies sarong"


Summary "The loincloth. Dduwies sarong"

Script :
Direct : Krit Tanakarate
Producer : Manop
Director of Production : Patcharapun Chuachai
Managing production : This Is It – Suttat Thaveesri
Date of broadcasting : Every Monday – Friday 1pm to 4.00pm on Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm – 5pm HD BeautyClub on IPM HD 47
Broadcasting period : First Thursday, November 22 2018

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Silk Cloth Factory No-one is interested in making the heir to the owner of the heir factory called Ekachai back to help control the factory. Ekachai needs to handle home business urgently. I love my friends and friends. And three ideas. The fashion show and beauty beauty pack. Represent the dishonest in the province. Thai factory is sponsored.

As the three young men plan their work. Meet beautiful Nlin Girl in the competition. The genre always encourages wizards. The patriarch of the patron saint of pagoda and strangers have used their influence to play the line until the pagoda has won the beauty competition. But it opposes the eyes of all the people. The Nalin Department enjoyed great. The nose with the dissatisfaction. I'm the Kamnan Pruek. It's a fake. The village has solved the problem. By sending two beautiful girls and girls to the competition during the provincial period.

For the skirt's goddess. This is the competition manager, the girls make a heart to win the queen's beauty situation, Nalin and the clan are still competitive. It was seen that Nlin liked the competitors. I do not know what to do, but I do not know how to do it. Watch for Nalin and herds throughout the competition.

On the brother side of Komon, Nlin liked the parson secretly. Nalin Komol is also an important competitor. There are two other sisters, Pathum and Bongkot, who are skilled in sewing. Get a chance to talk to Ekachai. Fashionable loincloth Make a dancer dissatisfied. Close with her brother Due to Nalin's brotherhood.

Bongkot has always been popular with the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is a young farmer who learns villagers about growing vegetables and agriculture under the Royal Initiative. Bongkot graduated in agriculture as well as the Commonwealth. The couple are very close with each other.

In the competition section, the dancer intends to control the Nalin by sending his followers. Lurking in the competition The scene was sarcastic, Ninn was drawn from the competition, so she went into the competition to replace her sister Nalin, who was the subject of a beautiful landscape by the secretary of the landscape. Bossy Take a job I do not know what to do.

Although Bongkot was trying to find out that Ninn had fallen for evidence in the mistake, the Sathorn Pathum dwarf contest won the situation without any doubt. The problem is chaotic. Everyone has been forgiven. And there's a fashion fashion show. Promote Thai craftwork to be known forever.

Actor list

Teerawat Ruangphan (Aow): Ekachai

Sutthipat Ubol Raisa (Jigsaw): Pathum

Phiwavatch Singhawan (Win): Purr

Nalin Rungruam (Ning): Nalin

Nopparat Inti (Fast): Commonwealth

Punnapat Suwannarat (doll): Bongkot

Supakit Pho Sida (Bachgen): Komolit

Tidarat Srisri (An): the donor

Nattapon Ratanaphon (ball): excellent

Mollinsirik Kittirat (Emmy): Anan Dancer

Getty Images: Mr Marianne

Boon Rung Teeng (A): Mr. Ekarat

Thanapon Opasanakorn (Tenth): Khun

Thananan Kaewpua (Rose): Mum-gu

Dal Korn Vong (Mochyn): Kamnan Pruek

Noppadorn Krung Ngam (Grand Hope): Ma Malai

Apisara Patri (Woman): There is Sarasin

Syri Kwan Chan Siri (Doll): Madam

Peshawar Wongdawan (Maejo): Peshawar

Thiprayarat Promthi (Bell): Nattasuda

Chatchawan Purnin (Ring Rings): Aranya

Pappassorn Tang Udom Ratanakul (Propeller): Collateral
Teerawat Ruangphan (Aow): Ekachai

Thanyin Hiranyamornphan (Seren): Fahrenheit

Noppawat Apipatdechakul (New): Newphatatin

Trinidad (fat): Cefn

Lat Min Htwe: Mighty

Mr Putthong Thongthong (Master): Honors

Amarin Ram (Coke) Behavior: Bella




Ripley Mikiya (Kiki): Tails

Jiradee Flowers (Golf): Dark

Joe Life Coach is Looking At: Joe Life Coach

Korat Nattaporn (Ken): Peerapat

Saranya Wongsunthorn (Premier): Premier

I'm sorry, but I do not know what to do.

Sajcha Jirapong (Yong Joon): Yong Yuth

Tilapila (Deer) Pachiphicha: sweet water

And many more actors.

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