Tuesday , August 16 2022

SRT upgrades 2,400 "train station driver" nationwide Training – new license exams


SRT upgrade

SRT upgrades 2,400 "train station driver" nationwide Training – new license exams Receive standard of Rail Department

SRT upgrade "train driver – master station" – Mrs.. Sirima Hiranchareonwet, Deputy Governor of the Thailand Railway (SRT), progress on the establishment of the Department for Rail Transport which is due to be established in April. This section of the Rail Transport Act, BE… is expected to be enforced in January 2020, which now accepts that SRT employees are concerned because there are many unclear issues. In particular, the qualifications of 4 employees, namely the driver, supervisor, operations control center supervisor at the host center and station officer, must be required to sit the examination to request a new license at each site. In my view, the post of Chief Executive of the Operations Management Center should not be viewed at the license running center as it is regarded as a profession. It should be defined as professional standards instead As it is not about allowing work

For the remaining 3 sites, all of which relate to the safety of the train, the SRT is publishing a notice. To determine the qualifications of drivers, supervisors and station officials, then trial a total of 2400 drivers and station officials to attend the new standard compliance training course And carry out an audit for a new license, to share it. 1,200 train drivers All new train drivers and 1,200 station drivers will also have to take a new license inspection. To prepare staff standards to comply with the standards under the Act The Rail Department expects the GRT to train and issue a license for new drivers and station officers for the first lot within 3 months of after publication of the qualification publication, about 10% or about 240 people.

Mrs Sirima said that there was also concern about the unclear of land ownership. Concession And to issue a future bus license to transfer the authority to the Department of Rail, whether or not SRT will be able to participate In my view, the Department of Rail should issue a bus license. But the issue of the concession, the SRT should have to take part in the consideration as well.

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