Wednesday , March 3 2021

Space space ship Successfully parked on Mars. Why fix the answer? No life

Space space ship Successfully parked on Mars. Why fix the answer? No life

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He is of great interest to the world and to humanity again. When spacecraft was inspected in space The United States Aircraft and Space Administration (NASA) was safely led by Mars on 02.52 hours on November 27 in Thailand. This is the eighth time that humanity has landed on this planet. Very good

"We've learned about the surface and atmosphere of Mars," said serpentists. Once at a time, water had been in the state of the piece on the surface. So far, water is still on the surface. Flow with minerals before isolation. It is also known that Mars loses much of its past atmosphere due to solar storms. But we know very little about the Mars. To answer that question "Within the surface And within the core of Mars What's up? How big is the center of Mars? This is one of the main tasks"

For equipment attached to the vehicle, including under the heat. March mercury fever. By drilling into a 5-meter surface, the deepest ever to drill. Then measure the temperature and heat inside the center of the free Mars. To tell you that the heat data is in the middle of the area released today, the device also measures the size and composition of Mars. Device to measure Mars position. To measure the "shake" while Mars turns around itself. How to shake a lot? Just like spinning eggs. To tell us The egg is still fluid. Or have to boil. Measure Mars's Mars To tell if Mars core is melting or not. How much?

The last device is a device to measure vibration on the surface of Mars. Is a vibration tool The earthquake is similar to measuring "pulse" Mars. Earthquakes on Mars can explain about the medium under the star face. In addition, the device also detects the effect of meteorites on Mars.

However, the site project. This is similar to the great health check of Mars in the last 4.5 billion years. In addition to measuring the incredible rate Measure the temperature and heat inside the core. And measure earthquake vibration. We hope to learn more about Mars's internal components. This may be the answer. Why today Mars is a living planet. Unlike the world that is full of life. And what is the difference between the two planetaries?

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