Thursday , January 20 2022

Single eyes are hot! Bax Clash posted a happy birthday to Ozawa for a long time


Here's the sweet new pair of singers, actors, Billiards, Barclays, Barclay, Anan, or the Chinese and Swedish Ozawa girl's Bank and model conflicts, so it's just a picture and an opening. I know that sweet. On Ozawa's birthday (26 November, 2061), young bankers show more enjoyment.

Bank Clack and Oswego

The bankers have posted pictures of their own Oz hugs. And write the message "HBD my love @ase_wang I'm so grateful to your mother and father to bring you to this world, go without it. I will always try to give & # 39; r best for me .I love you krub Baby "" Happy Birthday, love. I am grateful to your parents about allowing you to come to this world. you have to live here. I'll try to give you the best. I love to darling "

This is a fan site. And both of them sweethearted. Also, members of the conflicts that are being hacked on some elephants say that "translated by the Di" as well as many friends, said Rina to "why bother" before Osama's birthday.

Ozawa said, "Thank you for everything my girlfriend. Thank you very much for everything. I love you very much.) The banker responded to emotional heart.

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