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Samsung is launching 8 advanced AI projects developed by C-Lab in CES 2019


Samsung Electronics The first one in the endThe latest innovation project in artificial intelligence Or Artificial Intelligence (AI) 8 projects withinCES 2019 Parc Eureka Which will take place between 8 and 11 January 2019, all of which will be developed C-Lab (Creative Lab) Samsung, with all 8 startups born from the C-Lab project, will display consumer products in CES as well as create business opportunities.

CES 2019 This is the first time C-Lab It will launch as many projects as possible Disclosure of different projects will help to refine prototypes as the most efficient and desirable. To create the perfect product that best suits the needs of users

In addition to the different projects, there are 8 other startups that are formed from an extension toC-Lab Project OSamsung The first 8 starts MOPIC, LINKFLOW, lululab, WELT, Cooljamm, MONIT, BLUEFEEL And analog and more They all joinCES 2019 As well as showing and launching the latest consumer products As well as preparing the way to create business opportunities internationally

The 8 new C-Lab projects include


"Tisplay" A virtual advertising service in-video That can be used immediately when streaming. Tisplay can find out the face of the person's clothes that streamens and places the ad in that area wisely as if it were printed On real clothing Through computer graphics technology Streaming players can choose to pass anything without limiting the ad itself. Can communicate the desired message And match the content at the time to the audience in real time. In addition, viewers can benefit because they can watch videos on an ongoing basis. You do not need to turn out, stop with "split lists" that pop-up like spam.


"AiMo" Is audio recording solution? ASMR Through smartphones and cases that can stimulate new contacts for listening If you record content with ASMR solutions, content creators will not only create a clearer sound. Clearly state the direction of the sound But also be able to create realistic ASMR sounds through an additional sound of AI software without the need for professional recording equipment


"MEDY" Providing fast video production services It allows users to shoot and edit video immediately in the blink of an eye. MEDEO It will analyze the scene and surrounding environment using AI technology, then combine the visual effects, background music and compressed videos before stream streaming & # 39; n automatic. It can only draw the important video scenes that can easily be displayed at the professional level through automatic mechanisms that can be used within one click


"PRISMIT" Is a news analysis service? AI That can create a timetable, organize events, to help readers understand what is happening quickly When readers are searching for any topic or event, PRISMIT will select the one of the most relevant five articles and Directly from many articles, each is automatically displayed using technology to group stories. Helping readers to understand the context and history of the story Unlike other services that only choose to display articles with the most readers. Or the latest articles only

5.Perfume Blender

"Perfume Blender" Is a service to order perfume Allow users to create their favorite gifts as they like, just get a device that can support them And can easily share recipes through the app. When users Take pictures of the latest fragrance, go through this app. It analyzes the main ingredients and offers a variety of odors. Like those users Then the user can create a perfume in accordance with that formula immediately. Or to create a new scent by adjusting the ratio of different ingredients that are available in 8 items through this device And it can also choose to buy more odor as you wish

6.Girin Monitoring Stand

"Star Girin Monitor" An automatic monitor holder. For users to have the correct body arrangement when using the computer The embedded sensor identifies and records the user's physical position in real time, especially in the neck and head. As soon as the user starts to align the body incorrectly This device will gradually Move the screen at the address that will allow the user to customize the body. Users usually have a better and natural gesture that could not notice the situation changing in the screen. Users will be able to change their situation better by repeating the correct behavior. And it can reduce problems Or avoid pain, stiffness, fatigue, neck, shoulder and back


"Alight" YesYES lightweight Desktop to create the best atmosphere to increase concentration And provide light levels that are beneficial to consumer health according to Will detect the user's stance via the built-in camera And automatically adjust the light level to the situation, such as when reading a book when resting, or when a meditation is required If the user starts addressing the phone or sleeping, it can also store reading history with videos. time-collapse Through the app also


"SnailSound" Is a hearing aid solution for people with hearing problems This answer includes hearing aids and apps that can analyze the sounds that consumers like through simple listening tests. Then adjust the sound to be clearer At the same time it can also provide a better hearing experience for people with hearing problems without using expensive hearing aids


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