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Reveal the bastard! There is a sound of funny dogs & # 39; shoots through Sharp sharp & # 39; the chest to help.


Sharp Brothers

Reveal the bastard! There is a sound of funny dogs & # 39; shoots through Sharp sharp & # 39; the chest to help.

On November 7, Nattawat Assawaphoom, Deputy First Minister (investigation), Nong Muang Police was shot home at 153 Moo 4, Tumbon Chon Som. People have been injured and killed. Reported. Lt. Somsak Nongphong, Lt. Nong Muang Police Station, Lop Buri Evidence of Nong Muang police officer. And associated Agent staff And volunteers join the Grateful Gratitude Foundation.

The front yard in the scene. I've seen people. Much talk about the event. Knowing that the tent is ready to install a table lamp. I and the funeral D died on the wall of a Ph.D. body exam. Phao Syripun or brother Sharp, aged 14. 1 wound was shot in the chest area. Also, someone was seriously injured by a gun fire. Another is Mr. Chai Chet gets light to the hospital from and before. The villagers helped bring the hospital to Nong Muang from the front. Officials have investigated the scene. There are 5 shells and guns spread around the area. The gunman escapes escapes from and forth. Police officers will arrive.

The inquiries caused by Mr Montree Rensom, 40, have houses on the other side of the house in the scene. The staff were scattered and traced. Filters drive a motorcycle to escape. Five guns were used in the assault. Send Nong Muang Inquiry immediately. I'm afraid that many villagers will be lynching.

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The officer has investigated the gunman Montic. Badly this causes drugs. And drunk The authorities have tried to get upset. The opening of the mouth of the shooting in this is crazy. I am not happy with the electrician who set the funeral. Outside I must drink alcohol before I know that I fire at work until the bullet. Turn and bring the gun to hide. Prepare to ride a motorcycle.

The villagers are still panic, saying that Ph.D. Phao Syripan is shot as a child in a voluntary village. Like helping others Especially as interested in installing the power amplifier.

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