Thursday , May 26 2022

Racing Benz Fuse is absent! New topic by Answer to topic


The problem has not been related for a period. For actors – MCs, Pattong Ttraktrakul, and Benz Akkrit Boards Cheddad or Benz Racing as it is not possible to agree with the same status as husband or wife.

Patrol and Benz Racing

Benz has posted a strong message that fans have supported, "Buy a 9 mm gun gun of cylinder, but I'm not sure to brush it. I have a bomb in my brain that has an inbox. I'll wake up contact. I do not need "before the comment. And to deal with the problem better.

And then Benz made a news link from one of the news agencies. I'm not sure if that's the case. Old girlfriend to go to the night. I do not know what to do. Invite guests to see. I'm thinking about a family … I'm going to prosecute the blame … The solicitors … are ready. I … already … contact me … always … call 24 hours to contact me. The time has come to you to write a cover story … I'll cut you a little … I'll wait … "

In the news that Benz shares in Facebook himself in an interview with Patpapo about the message that people have told her that Benz and her old girlfriend also speak. And go to the bed with each other. I've asked the Benz. But the other side says no. I need to follow it. I do not know about old fans. And he's a private man. Now focus on jobs and just two children.

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