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Preview of the Premier League: "Confident Game" Huddersfield Town


Huddersfield Town – Manchester United

List : Premier League 2018/19
Date / time of competition : Sunday, May 5, 2019 At 8:00 pm (Thailand time)
Field : John Smith Stadium
Live broadcast : Bein SPORTS 1 & TrueID App

It can be called our World Cup league full of fun and excitement. In addition to the fans around the world are waiting Premier League season 2018/2019 In the midst of the top 20 teams in the British Isles through 38 games packed throughout the season It can be confident that the Premiership is still responding to the ball neck, without changing t

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This game is played on Sunday 5 May 2019. At 8:00 pm (Thailand time) is broadcast live on channel SPORTS BeIN 1 & TrueID App

Availability Town of Huddersfield

Super Photo / Jon

The plums of the table will receive two main characters, such as Aaron Moyes and Adama DiCabi. Come back into the field again. Especially in the first goal to win the Manchester United last season But hurt in this season, also Ben Hamer, second-hand goalkeeper Still unable to return as a reserve after the previous two games and the striker from the country Belgium, Lance De Dautout, injury to foot. Losing the right to field also Although the news will not be available at the end of February.

Availability Manchester United

Martin Rickett / PA through AP

The defensive backs that had just been recovered by Eric Bijie were repetitive and were not able to play the other games this season. And he may be able to reach the national team program after closing the season as well as the young striker Marson Greenwood can't get into this game too, but he may Marcus Rashford fits back again. Having an injury problem to the shoulder and playing in just an hour in a game against Chelsea, including Phil Jones, who is ready to be an option at the back.

In the game this Sunday, Ole Kunnar Solcha called on many young players to practice with the big team and had the chance to send as a backup. Or start at the beginning of the game, by Tahith Chong, James Garner, Angel Gomez and Leo Connor t

Expect to enter the field

Town of Huddersfield : Jonas Losel, Tommy Smith, Christopher Schindler, Terence Congo Shield, Eric Damm, Aron Moyes, Jonathan Noddhoo, Juninho Bakuna, Isa Emba, Carlan Grants, Steve Muni

Manchester United : David De Kea, Ashley Young, Victor Linde Love, Chris Smelling, Luke Shaw, Ander Herrera, Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Romelu Lukaku, Antony Marx, Marcus Rashford


Suddersfield Town sank the Premier League lead. And falling to the team already With the latest results losing 8 games in a row and winning one game only from the last 24 games in each list Especially in the last game they visited t with Liverpool's best team, he was beaten 0-5, but the loss they had cut without losing anything.

Super Photo / Jon

Apart from the team after losing 3 consecutive matches, he has always returned with the same team as Chelsea, but the game away from Manchester United is still having problems after lost 5 games in a row and the latest game that has not been hit. Going to lose Everton 0-4, called lost fighting, not all processes.

"The Terrier" beat "Red Devils" with only one game of the last 13 games in the Premier League. Which is the last game of the season and won only 10 games of 46 games in each game, which is the victory in John Smith's 9th home stadium, but this season if Huddersfield lost in this game, the most lost team came in the top. League in 29 games, equivalent to Ipswich (1994/95), Sunderland (2005/06) and Dar. Sir Bieber (2007/08)

Martin Rickett / PA through AP

Manchester United's statistics are very good when playing with Huddersfield. He scored 12 goals in 12 consecutive games, with the latest draw on 0-0 going back to October 1953, but if they couldn't win the victory, Seoul Tea would take the team to break. many records. Such as keeping the second most undeniable victory After December 2015, Louis van Calg won 8 games, and if they were lost, they would lose 4 consecutive league games for the first time since 1974.

Although Manchester United's play form was poor But Huddersfield was worse and this was the time when United had to call back confidence. The more in the last game The home side played an unexpected game against Liverpool and lost to the rules. So, convinced that this game, Sea Zeer, will take Huddersfield Town in front of the game. The best teams from Manchester, too, because they have nothing to lose

If United doesn't mistake each other The score is likely to come out in a different style than the game. Huddersfield Beat Beat Liverpool So, trusts have to game Manchester United Sunday, but they have to come to win the score to see how much. If the team that visits us will play the most sharp assault game or Ole Kunnar Seoul Tea chooses to pay the game to send the young star to collect the experience.

Expected score

Huddersfield Town 0-4 Manchester United



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