Monday , March 1 2021

Prachachuen Park: Surfing Rubber

At present the government is in trouble with the problem with Thailand. The price of agricultural products is down. There are some types of agricultural products that have long and lasting problems. Rubber This issue was discussed and resolved through the whole. But they still do not see the obvious answer. Now, much said about this issue. Does the government choose to listen to the surrounding environment?

I Mr. Uthai is teaching securities. The Thai Rubber Council and the Rubber Farmer of Thailand Foundation (CYF) have suggested that 20,000 million baht should be used to compensate for farmers or compensate for rubber prices. Buy fresh latex with farmers and latex production processes and then a street ramp in the village to buy a village, every 1 km across the country has more than 84,000 villages, and 1km of roads will use the 3 tons of latex, if any. It will require around 240,000 tonnes of latex or 20-30% of rubber in the country when grazing the roads in the whole village. If the government is trying to change this way. It could help reduce the amount of rubber. In addition, leading to better tire prices as well as suggesting. "Big Tit" Gen. Prayut Chan The First Minister Abhisit uses 44

Recent Progress on Rubber Solutions and Agricultural Agricultural Measures After Cabinet The scheme approved to help and resolve the rubber problem in a hurry. Mr Kritsada Boonrat Minister for Agriculture and Co-operatives I ordered co-ordination of the relevant agencies. Includes local government organizations to support road projects, cement clay, mixed rubber in the area and village. Agriculture and Cooperative (Kasetsart University) Nong Bua Lam Phu Fe co-ordinated with the Provincial Administration Institute (PPAO) and PPAO approved the budget to build the first cement cement on the road after mix with rubber There is a demonstration way in accordance with the policy to promote the use of rubber in government agencies by Nong Bua Lam Phu. Buy latex from the 1,200 kg Huaydu Farmers, and from the Rubber Cooperative Non-Thong Rubber Co., Ltd. 1,200 kilograms to the rubber road at Moo 4 Ban Hin Ngao. Nong Bua Lam Phu Area

I have to follow that. The measures that the government will take to solve the rubber situation in Caracas. If this is true then the popularity of this election is guaranteed.

Phakorn Boonmee


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