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PPAO PPAO joins leading roadshow operators in the People's Republic of China

Institute of State Administration Phuket Support Phuket Tourism Association Bring Phuket tourism operators to take part in the Thailand Luxury event. as well as the Health and Wellbeing Roadshow for China 2019 organized by Thailand Tourism Authority Between 22 – 26 April 2019, passed in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, People's Republic of China, with Mr. Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, Permanent Secretary, Phuket Administrative Institute Provincial Acting President Phuket Administrative Institute Provincial, Mrs. Chutima Chan, Director of Tourism and Thailand Sports Authority, Phuket Provincial Administration Officer and related persons

Mr. Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, Permanent Secretary Phuket Administrative Institute Acting President of Phuket Administrative Institute Provincial said, "Phuket Provincial Administrative Institute Provided the importance of tourism Phuket is a tourism City that has received admiration and attention from across the world The PPAO has supported the budget for the past year, about 10-15 million baht in the 2019 financial year, the PPAO. Added the support budget to 20 million baht to make road shows inside the Outside the country, especially the road show outside the country, we open a new group especially Arab and Asian tourists t

In the People's Republic of China Which is in the Asian group Phuket can affect the past, so the PPAO, Phuket, needs to make road shows in China in three cities, namely Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, which are usually popular with tourists In particular, the agent group is interested in getting a good response. And we strongly believe that the Chinese market is the best tourism group that is important to Phuket We need to take care of this group of tourists. Confidence building Understanding and providing facilities Including making an impression that he has returned to Phuket again. "

For roadshow events held there The Phuket Administrative Institute Provincial has supported the budget for the Phuket Business Travel Association. In terms of Chinese tourists, tourism behavior has changed quite quickly. From before becoming a travel group Changing to travel alone (Free Single Passenger or FIT) is more in the 3-4 year period, and then the tourists go together, choosing the country. , choose the products themselves. And spend more time than ever before This road show reinforces the market and offers new products from Phuket, not just hotel operators There are two boat groups. Leisure, spa and beauty are added This is to add more variety to the market.

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