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Training "Prachathipat" Nudthok 54 MP "Chuan" Training to explain the criticism of many people "Peeraphan" Raise references to the use of rights to refer to. Votes The First Minister You must listen to the party's decision

On May 21, 62, the Democratic Party (PDP) held a meeting of 52 MPs for the first time, with Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, party leader as chair of the meeting. Mr. Chuan Leekpai, President of the Party's Advisory Council Up to sitting with each other What atmosphere is vibrant In the midst of social conspiracy, the party's MPs case will be divided both parties or not. MPs have split groups of Left seats to the right clearly Between a group of Mr Abhisit Vejjajiva, a former party leader and Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva. Thaworn Senium

In this regard, Mr Jurin informed the meeting, on May 24, which is the state day, the opening of a council meeting, that all MPs must register in the new parliament. Kakkakai at 11.00 am To tour the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the same time On May 25 there will be a meeting to elect the President at 09.00 pm In TOT Public Company Limited. Members go together in unison

Journalists reported the atmosphere of the MP's party that the first agenda had been reported. Second agenda, first council meeting In entering the third agenda The duties of MPs in Mr Chuan's Council have provided information and the right to exercise the rights, procedures and procedures at the meeting. I would like to clarify facts & case Mr Peerapansale Rathavit posted a Facebook page and noted that many people do not have negative features. "Although he did not mention his name But society knows that it means no one So it is necessary to clarify which Mr Peeraphan raised his hand to exercise the right to be referred to as he did not mention anyone's name and did not refer to Mr Chuan Mr Chuan, who is not mentioned by name, but people from the outside read the news know that it means who's doing Mr Peeraphan Listening without retaliation alone

Later, at 17:45 pm, Mr. Rames Ratanachuang, spokesman for the Democratic Party said the statement after MPs said the meeting had decided to appoint Mr. Ong-Kard Kampaiboon, MP, to his name as President of the MPs and Mr Prakob Ratanaphan S., Nakhon Si Thammarat. As Vice-Chair of the MPs and also appointed the Chair of the Co-ordinating Committee or the MPs, namely. Chinnaworn Boonyakiat, MP, Nakhon Si Thammarat. Naris Khamnurak, MP Phatthalung as Vice President From then on, Chuan said about the duties of MPs in the House of Representatives to realize the benefits of the nation and the people and ask all MPs to learn how to work in the parliamentary system , while party MPs have prepared public troubles Presented to a council meeting in the form of questioning or presentation The meeting MPs have a decision in the case of joint decisions or not to join the government. By assigning Ph.D. Consider coordinating instructions with other political parties Both work in parliament And work in management And to bring various information to the report at the MP meeting again The party has an important goal is that it can the country moved on. And the nation's main institutions are stable according to the democratic system with the King as Head of State Including having a stable government satisfying the needs of the people, which is the ultimate goal that has t the party for the nation and the people.

Mr Rames added that the party had convened a meeting of MPs and BAHT again on 23 May at 13.00 hrs. If after the meeting MPs have heard the B.E. B.K., to coordinate with various political parties and see that If you call a meeting between the MPs and the B.E., there is an opportunity to call a meeting on 23 May, and it can be clear on that day. The party will decide whether or not to join the government. Currently, B.E. KG has set aside anyone yet to talk to the different parties. Despite the news that Mr. Chalermchai Sripang, General Secretary of the Democratic Party To speak to Thailand to join the government in any way In respect of the decision, the prime minister chose If the party has a decision in any direction All MPs must act in the one reference to the party's decision

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