Sunday , August 14 2022

People are ready to wear yellow shirts. Watch the King On the historic day


People are ready to wear yellow shirts. Waiting for Her Royal King Kitchen, 6 points, convenient throughout the day

(5 May) Atmosphere in screening area 4 zone, passing Fa Fah, Damrongrak Road and Lan Road Luang Before opening to go through the screening point at 12.00 from the previous morning people were found to travel; To the screen area this is still united with each other in a yellow shirt To enter the area waiting to receive Her Majesty the King t

While the royal ceremonial kitchen has a royal kitchen and 6 food points and a water service to facilitate the people The safety is strictly. Including getting a voluntary thought to change to facilitate the people who travel today

This evening, at 4:30 pm, Her Majesty the King King of Bumibol Adulyadej Chakri bodice dress Torch Goed on through the capital Through the march of the soldiers on the path Go to Bowon Niwet Vihara Temple Rajabophit Temple, Sathit Mahasimaram A Phtuphon Phra Temple Vimolmangkalaram To worship the Buddha A royal body

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