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Office of the Narcotics Management Board beautiful Medicine … killed by a warranty arrest


Office of the Narcotics Management Board beautiful Medicine ... killed by a warranty arrest

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NSW Laboratory Search Interior, weight loss pill makers That uses a mixture of psychotropic substances and draws the old sexy girl as a presenter Until someone dies not taking drugs of such …

On March 11, 2019, those reporters said Police officers are preventing drug misuse Within a house in Soi Pattanakarn 44, according to Ms Wirirat Ritthongthong's arrest warrant, because he is aware that someone is taking the drug to reduce obesity, which has a mixture of psychotropic substances, type 2, which sold unacceptable. Permit The doctor must be ordered by a doctor and a drug that must be managed to sell to the market by bringing ex-stars and actors A former model, food, come to advertise the product until people buy and use until they are affected. And there is a danger to life. In the past, students from China died in Singapore because of taking pills to lose weight. Having found that an order from Thailand Includes students from grade 5 students who experience a heart attack from taking this type of weight loss drug

For substances used in the mixture, it contains fentermine. (phentermine), a drug that acts on the nervous system It has a similar half-structure with amphetamine. The medical community has used this drug as a weight loss drug. By acting in the middle of the hunger in the brain Prevent the body not to want food The use of this drug, the doctor will eat for a short time. By the Food and Drug Administration or FDA has provided a focus in category 2 psychotropic substances, the general public can not be bought in general patient pharmacies or those who want to lose weight but must see a doctor in a Licensed hospital selling the active ingredient only in category 2

In addition, there is also a mixture of diazepam. Or the trade name in Valium, is classified as a type of psychoactive and neurological object, type 4 was used for a number of symptoms, the same disease, medicine, but fentermine Control must be The doctor's care alone when procuring drug stores And he must also have a doctor's order

In the past, there were 3 drug arrests for the first time on December 7, 2018, arresting Miss Maxim with a number of obesity bills and the second time, former Miss Maxim Ready on for the 3rd weight loss medication on January 17, 2019, seizure 2 and 4 psychotropic substances in luxury condos in the Ratchada area.

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