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There are 6 commercial banks over hundreds of thousands of bahts to support the needs of the people during the Chinese New Year festival

Thom, Assistant Governor, is today (3 February 62), Mr Somboon Chit. Bank card revealed by the Thai Bank (BOT) during the Chinese New Year festival Banks will replace net bank notes of approximately 62,500 million baht, increasing the previous year spending 46,000 million baht or increase by around 35%. The BOT has encouraged commercial banks to keep enough newspapers to support people's needs During the festival Because people have more demand than paperwork than usual

KASIKORNBANK prepares backups in branches and ATMs. To support spending during the 48,000 million Chinese New Year baht, which is a reserve through the channel of 22,300 million baht, ATM 25,700 million baht

Bangkok Bank Order a total of 50,000 million baht through branch branches. Branches in more than 1,000 department stores and ATM services with over 10,000 points across the country

Siam Commercial Commercial Remember to pay bank money to support the use of customer services in the amount of 34,100 million baht, which has increased slightly a year earlier. After sharing to Bangkok 17,640 million baht and provincial areas 16,460 million baht

Through Bank of Ayudhya Received cash to support the withdrawal of customers and the general public through Krungsri ATMs And branches of banks across the country include a total of 21,627 million baht, an increase of around 2.5% of the actual amount spent by customers in the same period of previous year through ATMs 11,882 million baht and 9,745 million baht branch channels

The Public Company Krung Thai Limited Company reported when watching the Chinese New Year in the amount of 19,576 million baht, having shared reserves for bank branches of 7,096 million baht and ATM through 12,480 million.

Although the Thai Bank Public Company Limited CIMB has identified cash reserves to support the withdrawal during the Chinese New Year period of 625.9 million baht

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