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NASA reveals North Lighting Similar Shaped Dragon Dash in Iceland – fresh news


NASA reveals North Lights

NASA reveals the North American Drop Shapes Lighting in Iceland

NASA reveals North Lights – On February 21, Daily Mail said that United States Air and Space Administration Institute or NASA announces North Lights or Aurora in Iceland. After shaped like a dragon, turning the tongue, extending the wings It also happened during the absence of solar wind detection Which triggers such phenomena usually For surprise scientists

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NASA spokesman said, "Have you ever seen a dragon in the air?" And that "though the dragon does not fly to fly in real life But now Aurora is a dragon shaped above the iceland on Iceland."

Ready to explain that "Aurora is a phenomenon caused by the Earth's atmosphere, which has been stimulated by solar wind particles which caused the coronary floor weakness (most tier pretty) on the sun "

The report indicates that Aurora phenomenon If it is born on the north pole, it is called Aurora boralis (aurora borealis) or northern light.

But if it is born in the south pole, it is called aurora australis or the southern light is the light in the atoms in the magnetosffer level (the magnetic field of the star) released after receiving energy of particles that come with solar wind.

However, this phenomenon created a trance for NASA. Because during February this year It is not possible to find the sun point What will lead to solar wind And cause Aurora on the ground But this month has been a phenomenon for several days

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