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NASA launches Mars landing site I have a picture -.


(NASA through AP)

NASA launches Mars landing site Send a picture as a mind.

NASA Helios – AP reported that November 26, the United Nations Aircraft and Space Administration (NASA) team at the JPL office in Pasadena. California Celebrate with joy After InSight completely landed on Mars. The 482 million mile trip is the first space exploration mission to study the red structure of a red planet.

Explosion Test vehicles are on the Plancia Plateau in the north of Cyfhydedd Field. As the landscape is also planned around. And sent back to Earth within the first 30 minutes to touch Mars the ground. The program has been installed.

"Robin Manning, leader of JPL, said earlier:" This is what we have hoped and imagined in mind. Sometimes this is what we want to be.

NASA Helios
(Photo AP / Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The NASA team is proud of this mission. Because there are many difficulties. Mars unpredictable weather. Including other technical issues. Mars's atmosphere, only 1% of the atmosphere, causes friction to help slow down the speed of the art. The mission of the past has failed many times.

NASA InSight landed on Mars Lander NASA

Bruce Brenntt, leader of the team, said that the landing in Dartmouth was a difficult task to explore. It's a dangerous stonework and there is an incredible opportunity that something can go from space.

Equipment at the site uses the same equipment and technology with the Phoenix. I have successfully landed Mars. He successfully hit Mars in 2007, the last time NASA sent the craft to land. Queier City Rovers in 2009.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Monday, November 26, 2018, in Pasadena, Calif. (NASA through AP)

For the following trips. Is a survey of the red structure of the red planet. Earthquakes measure the rocky conditions and the internal geological structure. A pig robot Measures the underground temperature of the star. It has been incorporated deeply into a 5 meter surface to see how Mars is still moving inside.

In addition, the craft will transfer radio signals to measure how Mars has been around its ribbon. All of these investigations and experiments are very important to study the evolution of planets in the solar system.

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