Saturday , January 23 2021

MSCI added Thai shares of 7.62 million baht SCB reduced two negative factors. >> Thailand stocks and 5 points of buying strengths that benefit MSCI Summarize 4 new shares, 20 stocks with more weight, while MTC is not falling Investors sell SCB's weight loss . Vulnerable weakness of Nomura Securities Pattanasin Expect the money to flow in as much as 762 billion baht, encouraging the index to rise to 1704-1760 until May.

Stock markets on 1 April, only 5.99 points or 0.37% increased the SET index, closing at 1,644.64 points with a total trading value of 44,506.99 million baht, which was considered less than most Asian stock exchanges that arose t more than 1%. MSCI will issue additional weight of Thai stock investment And have to buy shares that can benefit more than 25 shares. In the meantime, SCB shares are sold to put pressure on the share price to fall from 2 baht or 1.52% to close is 130 baht with a turnover of more than 2,092 million baht due to the weight loss in the investment cycle. What institutional investors bought a net 2,497 million baht, sold a few foreigners, 193 million baht

Nomura Securities Company Pattanasin released an analysis that MSCI had increased the weight of Thai stocks by 0.5% from 2.8% to 2.8%, with a total inflow of US $ 2,400 million, or about 7.62 billion baht after receiving the NVDR criteria. In bringing the shares to account in the index in May In 2019, SCB was downgraded, while BBL-F and KBANK received weight gain. At the same time, there are 4 stocks that have been re-elected and 20 shares have increased investment pressure t

Nomura Capital Securities expects this increase in weight to support the SET index significantly in the medium term (through May). As a result of an index moving to area 1704-1760

"The strategy of introducing stocks entering MSCI is INTUCH, RATCH, DTAC. It should be more adaptable than most markets. For the group with increasing weight, including SCC, LH, BDMS, CPN, BH, HMPRO, MINT, CPF, KBANK will be the most outstanding, including the purchase of the MTC back.If it was not removed from the original index expected it was dropped around this time, SCB was losing weight. "Nomura Pattanasin Securities

For this update, MSCI added China-A-Shares pressure and brought Saudi Arabia. And Buenos Aires to calculate the index also due to many countries losing weight, including Korea, Taiwan, India, respectively In terms of the TIPs countries, the impact is limited, especially with the net inflow of 7.62 billion baht and the third largest inflow of Saudi Arabia and China.

Ms. Jittra Amorntham, Deputy Managing Director of Securities Analysis Department The securities company, Finansia Syrus, said the SCB had sold out until the share price fell sharply. In addition to the reasons for weight loss, the MSCI investment is still caused by underlying factors. Expect less performance in the first half of the year. As the bank has invested more in system investment than other banks While the credit will fall seasonally and businessmen will slow down their investments to wait to see the new government

"Is there a customer asking whether to buy good SCB shares because they will receive a dividend of 4 baht per share XD on April 12, representing a profit rate of about 3.07%. There is a short-term effect only, is the date the new index is calculated, but SCB has some basic factors to find weight should choose to invest in other stocks better There are many stocks which gives 3% or more dividends. "Ms Chitra said

Mr Pridi Daochai, Managing Director KASIKORNBANK (KBANK) said that the overall picture of loans at the beginning of the year had slowed somewhat. Which is normal There will be more acceleration in the second half of the year. This year there is uncertainty from abroad and in the country. As a result of investment and demand for loans

However, Kasikorn Bank expects growth loans this year. It will continue to meet the target set by 5-7%. The strategy will focus on expanding the retail portfolio. Is seen as an opportunity to generate a good profit And there is a risk that the bank can control

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