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Mob December 6 announces end of large rotation assembly Invitation card media channel out of area


“Mob 6 December” announced the end of the large rotating assembly Participate in the voluntary card to pay tribute to King Taksin Refuse not to interview the “Voice TV” media channel

At 8.45 pm on December 6, 2020, the reporter reported the atmosphere of the rally on Lat Ya Road. Near the courtyard of King Taksin the Great Monument Thonburi’s side Leader Most of them were young men and women, alternating in the car to continuously broadcast their speech in front of the mass. The subject continues to attack government work. Sexual assault on women in educational institutions Abortion Law reforms are not Ready To criticize the gift of flood aid of the current Prime Minister, the force is constantly entering and leaving each other And not has yet to appear that any key leader has come to the forum.

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Later, at 9:40 pm, the leader of the Thonburi People’s Party announced the end of the protest. With a team of volunteer guards We traveled to perform the sacrifice of King Taksin the Great at the Royal Monument of King Taksin the Great. The source was because the force had asked to use the sacred area. Previously, the leader received a sacrifice before starting the activity. Cards team wishes to pay tribute to the prosperity and encouragement of the serving card team Has come out to care for the force Can’t confirm But just stand by the people

The reporter reported that In an interview The Chief Guard denied answering questions from “Voice TV” reporters and invited the channel to leave the area because operators were not wearing media arms to perform their duties in the assembly area.

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