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"M-Help Me" Safe Your Life, Help Your Wonders Change the World !!

New dimension of cooperation in the first place in Thailand. M-Help Me "Safe Your Life" Help and inform people.

Finally, the "M-Help Me" application was officially launched Safe on Your Life on November 26, 2018 at Theks Aksra, King Power (Rangoon), the inventor behind this success. Thailand is the technology and technology to help everyone. Mr. Prasit Jyook, founder of the Association of Business Products, Service and Integration Products And the project president. "Return of land", Chairman of the Board of Directors, Web Sawadee Plc.

Mr Prasit He says today is an historical day and a starting point for us all. We will cooperate and help to make a good association in society and Thai society. By helping each other under the Secure Your Life "M-Help Me" Technology Application because they are not the ones who can change everything. But today, we have started and worked with everyone and every sector. And thank everyone in Thailand that we will work with today. And thanks to the diplomatic trips of each country. Representatives of government agencies and the private sector honored to attend today. All of them "are aware, aware, already, and ready" and with each other to create this world to be shining. Due to lack of support and cooperation from the public and private sectors. This is not happening today.

This phenomenon makes us show that the world is bright. This world is safe. This world is more beautiful. And that's why we believe these things. What is the best thing we can do for society? And today, it is clear that the highest co-operation. And eager to help each other. In addition, we would like to thank the sponsors for their work. They are: Web Sawadee Plc., S-PLANET Co., Ltd. (S-Planet), PTE PATH CREATION. LTD and its subsidiaries, Mandate Group

Mr Prasit That inspiration makes you want to make the "M-Help Me" Technology Application "Safe Your Life" to help everyone in society. There's a good thing to have a good time. The opportunity to meet people in the province for many years. I know the problems that crystallize the idea that I want to help. The real results and wider coverage through mobile technology. As seen during this period, there are many mobile phone players. If there are tools to help protect and inform. Make sure your dreams come true, so getting a "M-Help Me" Safeguarding Your Life Technology application can help transform the society. There is a voluntary association. Support Society

If there is a natural disaster on any day, there is a great impact on life and property such as tswnamis, earthquakes, volcanic explosions. Or natural disasters such as flooding, shadow slippers, or even near a disaster, such as thieves, explosions, collisions and car accidents.

Mr Prasit It provides information for the Safe "M-Help Me" application for your Life Technology. This is a common application that looks after the safety of our lives. By linking between disaster and prevention. To help But it is important to stop the event before the event. The information from all government agencies. And the private sector to analyze with the artificial intelligence system or AI to warn the area in the three main principles is to protect (Defend) to prevent a disaster. Help in the face of the victims in the area. And inform (Annoument) to know the surrounding circumstances and the important information needed for everyday life.

Mr Prasit For foreign tourists. There will be some useful and relevant help. In terms of providing easy public information for convenience, such as helpline numbers. Or important places. Including help when a disaster hit. Sign in to the help center or press the SOS button to get the siren sound. And send a warning to the help center immediately. Includes those near the scene. I'll also notify. You can also check the list of tour operators and tour guides in Thailand. Securing tourists. Anyone can download the Free Safe-Life "M-Help Me" Technology Application on iOS and Android phones via the App Store / Play Store and read more on https: // www. / MHelpMeSafeYourLife From today on

Mr Prasit stressed that the world never ends. And it will last forever. Technology Has Made You may not be successful today. Or the next day But it's already started. And one day it will last forever. Helps even one life It's worth building and developing.

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