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Krisda & # 39; puts Great Agriculture Establish a cocoa plant team to replace rubber trees over 25 years of age.

On November 27, Mr. Krisda Boonracha, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperative, message through the application line to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative, and State Administration and State Initiatives. Planning for cocoa production replaces a rubber plant.
Follow the plant situation. Farmers know that domestic and global markets are currently calling cocoa. In addition, in Thailand, farmers have an increasing interest in cocoa growing, as the price is relatively high compared to other plants.

At the same time, the government has set up measures to solve the problem of reducing rubber prices by reducing rubber production to meet the needs of domestic and overseas markets by growing other crops.

To plan production according to market demand, which is a guide for agricultural sector reform, the government has started to do some. The Rice Project The project to promote public power to support indigenous post-season farming, etc.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative. Department of Agricultural Extension / Department of Academic Affairs / Land Development Department / Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative / Higher Research and Research Institute, and so on, as appropriate.

1. Study the amount of domestic and international marketing information of cocoa plants that are likely to be needed.

2. Study the conditions to use for Zoning planting by Agri-Map, which areas of Thailand are suitable for planting and will be able to support planting in plantations rubber instead of rubber. Old or grow in the rubber plant or not.

Costs and difficulties estimates compared to the value of treatment / maintenance between crops and cocoa processing to the cocoa production chain.

4. If the results show that the Thai area is suitable for cocoa growing and production and also provide a cost effective return on investment, then accelerate the production plan (Agriculture Production Scheme)
Cocoa can be used to support maize growth. The model used in cocoa production at this time.

5. Other

FYI: Thai cocoa is not common! Take Thai Awards for Global Awards – Thailand has the potential to grow a lot.
That is expected. The world goes into a cocoa shortage in the near future. Growing more interest in cocoa began. In Thailand Cocoa has been planted in Thailand. I have not tasted the other country.
A week ago by "Prada" Chocolate News Thailand to win two world prizes for chocolates made of coconut Thai. 58% chocolate milk from Nakhon Si Thammarat. Milk chocolate with more than 50% cocoa content, produced with cocoa from one source, and a special gold medal. For chocolates of the country themselves.
Pantai & # 39; is a brand of Thai chocolate made from the combination of friends. Everyone has graduated in food science. He has experience in the food and drink industry, especially coffee and chocolate for many years. The story begins when they see the cacao at the Nakhon Si Thammarat villagers' backyard. The original is not original, but what is not used to save the children to play to think about the value of these cocoa. And generate income for the community by buying from each of the villagers with each other. One of the partners is the Cacao Processor, responsible for fermenting and drying seeds at home in Nakhon Si Thammarat. And the name of its name is the origin of the brand. For that reason, the name sounds good.
This brand of Thai chocolate opened a small shop in Bangkok, near the Bangkok metropolitan area, where the chocolate factory was. Get coffee and coffee shop for coffee and coconut. Open your eyes to the process of making all chocolate through the glass with large glass.
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