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Description Blu-ray Standard Description 1,890 บาท

Download Digital Standard Price 1,740 Baht

Price Price 2,790 Baht

All-in-One Digital Package 3,240 Baht

Sony Interactive Hong Kong Branch Entertainment Singapore has released release game KINGDOM HEARTS III version. The latest series at KINGDOM HEARTS developed by SQUARE ENIX will be available in Thailand on January 29, 2019.


KINGDOM HEARTS III is the latest game in the KINGDOM HEARTS series. It has sold over 25 million copies worldwide. Meet the Darkest Saga Saga, which appeared in the first KINGDOM HEARTS game and followed the adventure. Disaster The main character growth of Sora ends.

Meet the various characters from Disney World and expand the universe from the KINGDOM HEARTS series to the world of Pixar as well as the new Disney world in KINGDOM HEARTS III.

As well as the action scenes. And the battle system is exciting. Here's the best game in the series. The key features of the game too. In addition, co-operation with Disney-Pixar supports additional characters. Known as a charismatic battle scene. Has inspired by theme theme theme. Prepare to test a game that's not like any game. And enjoy the KINGDOM HEARTS series.

KINGDOM HEARTS III is about the power of friendship between Sora and friends in a dangerous adventure. And help each other through the difficulties. You will find characters from the Disney world to a parade to join the adventure with Sora, the source of the unknown power source. Donald Duck and Goofy are devoted to King Mickey of Disney Castle to prevent the power of the evil Heart attacking. And interfere with the universe. With good power. And the friendship of Sora, Donald, and Goofy, who have joined some of the best-known and well-known Disney-Pixar characters to make great feedback. And resist the power of darkness that threatens their world.

About the KINGDOM HEARTS Game Series

KINGDOM HEARTS is a fantasy theme action adventure game set in the fantasy world, a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix. The first KINGDOM HEARTS was released in March 2002. PlayStation (R) 2 And it has become a series of games after releasing a different version later. The game is about to celebrate its 15th birthday in March 2017 with more than 25 million units sold worldwide.

Special awards for pre orders.

For digital buyers, only download the Standard Units and All-in-One Package.

PS4 Custom Keydede for KINGDOM HEARTS III

* Weapons (Keyblade) can be available to download in the future.

* A pre-order bonus is limited to one month after the release of the game.

Bonus for those who book in advance.

For digital buyers, only download the Standard Units and All-in-One Package.

KINGDOM HEALTH III Theme Inflexible Disorders Dynamic Theme: Theme PS4TM

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