Monday , January 25 2021

Kasikorn Asset Management sends the 6 month term for Schulze 1.80% per annum. >> Kasikorn Asset Management sends 6-month foreign bond money to hold 1.80% profit per year Open for sale on 2 – 5 April. Increasing all ages Increasing confidence in the dollar Due to concerns about the global economic outlook

Mr. Navin Intarasombat, Deputy Managing Director of Foreign Investment Management Division Kasikorn Asset Management Company Limited (Asset Management Company) revealed that Kasikorn Asset Management is preparing to deliver the K-Fund. 6 months foreign debt securities GP (KFF6MGP), which estimates that the expected returns will be received at 1.80% per annum, which will be offered to their sale between 2-5 April 2019 t .

For initial KFF6MGP funds, it is expected to invest in China Construction Bank deposits and China Agricultural Bank deposits, China, including Commercial Bank of deposits and Qatar deposits. Investment in deposits Commercial Bank Abu Dhabi, UAE and PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Indonesia The fund has a policy to guarantee against foreign exchange risks in full For individual investors who do not have to pay taxes Investors can invest with at least 500 baht

Mr Navin said that last week's bond market position US Bond Product increased all ages With US government bond products for two years and 10 years increased by 4 bps and 3 bps, respectively. Tend to get more conclusions But it is expected that the negotiation period will continue to expand. US monetary policy The market is still following the US rate of policy this year after the Fed reduced confidence in the economic growth trend in the US. Derived from other central banks Mostly, we also reduce the tendency to tighten monetary policy.

However, confidence in US dollars has increased. Due to concerns about the global economic outlook Vice President of the Federal Reserve Richard Clarida expressed concern that global risks are increasing from Brexit issues, slowing down the global economy and trade wars.

Kasikorn Asset Management also increased the opportunity to receive ongoing returns to unit holders with fixed income funds with the term Kasikorn Asset Management project. When the fund matures in the project The management company will use the automatic redemption profit to buy one of the three funds, namely K-MONEY, K-TREASURY or K-Open Fund. Short-term debt instruments (K-SF) from Kasikorn Asset Management

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