Monday , January 25 2021

Jfincoin to open auction for SSR

Mr Thanawat Lertwattanarak Chief Executive, J Avengers Company Limited or JVC, which is developing software applications and investments in startup companies, has joined the company with Satang Pro, a digital asset trading (Digital Exchange) center that has & # 39; to licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to bring JFIN Coin, a type of Guarantee type officially traded in the Satang Pro market on February 4, 2019 onwards

Satang Pro or Satang Corporation Co., Ltd. website (formerly, with the focus on system security Which backyard system uses international and multi-media standards that & Highlights a high level of security A also applying for the ISO 27001 standard, world information system for digital customer protection, trading and storage systems To ensure the security of investors And the transparency of Satang Pro platform. There is also a customer service ready to service and problem solving for customers 24 hours a day.

For the development of a digital credit system without intermediaries Or DDLP (Delegated Digital Lending Platform) as planned At the same time, the company has previously opened JFIN Coin holders to buy high-quality smartphones at a special price . In the Jay Mart group Along with the ability to buy coffee in the Casa Lapin shop, it is only in the latest Ratchathewi branch to allow JFIN Coin to use it more recently. On February 7, an auction was prepared for SSR, Pray, BNK and posters with the Siam Dream signature girl group using JFIN Coin Currently in the process of requesting permission to be auctioned by the Local Administration Department, hosted at the Mobile XPro BITEC Bangna event.

"This is the first time in Thailand to bring Krypton Kerry a coin to use in the auction industry."

Including the "Pa" platform, Digital Loans Platform (DLP) online loans will be renewed and more partners, service providers and product owners will join the service such as e-commerce, education groups A beauty organizations, etc., which the company intends to launch in June this year to target more than 30 million Thai people who can not lend money into the banking system Ability to go to # 39; The loan was easier After last year, the company launched its first online credit platform, with the company already lending 10 million baht and expecting to expand to 100 million baht this year and the company's performance will start to be positive.

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