Thursday , September 16 2021

Jackpot Chiang Mai DJ escapes from Tachilek’s 1G1 hotel, hitting COVID 45

The Chiang Mai Disease Investigation Team works hard. Proactive Send a royal car to check for COVID, more than 200 employees revealed 2 popular pubs 90 high-risk groups, 88 negative results, only 2 left, found 32-year-old man working in 1G1 hotel Tachilek has is infected with COVID 45th province

Time 4.00 pm on December 4, Chiang Mai Provincial Health Officers Along with officials from the Office of Disease Control 1, bring a vehicle to detect biosecurity infection Samples were collected to detect the COVID-19 virus. By Tawandang restaurant staff More than 150 people in the Chiang Mai area, although the entertainment center is not on the timeline of cases 42, 43 and 44 of Chiang Mai Instead, it is considered a proactive detection of the COVID-19 virus because it is a dangerous place where low-risk and high-risk people are exposed. He may come to use the service after being exposed to the infection

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Except in Tawandang, Chiang Mai On the same day Staff will collect samples for infection from warm-up café workers. Famous entertainment venue home to young people in Chiang Mai. As well as will continue to check in entertainment venues and other organizations Ongoing

Latest position Charoenrit Sanguansat, Governor of Chiang Mai Province Issued an announcement to clarify that the disease investigation team has experienced a total of 88 out of 90 high-risk exposure cases, all of which are negative, while the other two are in employment follow up.

In addition, the infection was tested in 523 other low-risk and exposed groups, all of which were negative. A total of 88 high-risk people quarantined for follow-up waited until 14 days after exposure and a second test for the infection will be re-tested. Everyone to confirm the results as accurately as possible

Governor Chiang Mai People and tourists are asked to wear masks and strictly follow public health measures. With confirmation that disease control is fully implemented And there is no contagion in the Chiang Mai area at all. And confirm that Chiang Mai is a safe area for all residents and tourists

Recent reports The 45th COVID-19 case was found in Chiang Mai, a 32-year-old man working as a DJ at a 1G1 hotel in Tachileik Province. Had traveled back in before And this morning I rode a motorcycle on my own and asked to check in at Nakorn Ping Hospital, the result was positive. For those close to the patient, 5 people have already followed it.

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