Sunday , February 28 2021

"Intellectual Property Department" to consider the objection to the patent for more than 3 years, the Department sent the book.

Because of AIDS Foundation And the HIV / AIDS network of Thailand has filed an objection to the anti-HIV drug patent application. And the treatment of hepatitis C virus to the Intellectual Property Department since 2015. But the Department has not considered that.

Mr Nimit Tienyudom, director of the AIDS Foundation, said the foundation had submitted objections to the anti-HIV drug patent application. Treat hepatitis C from year 2558 to complete & process, but the Department has not finished. And it's not clear when to finish. This has a big impact. Do not rush to check or point in any way. Patent applicants may claim that this drug has a patent immediately of the filing date of the application if the Department decides that it is not entitled. Other drug companies will also start producing drugs. Competition case A drug prices will be down. Health insurance will be able to bargain more. If there is no monopoly By spending the same amount of money. It will increase the number of pills. More patients have access to the drug.

"Intellectual property should not be a monopoly tool. It is not accessible to people. Both of them need an appeal of 5 patent applications filed by the organization. We have the information that is not the five applications qualify for a patent, as a new drug Or take the old drug to a new tablet Until the patients do not reach the drug Antiretroviral therapy And hepatitis C. drugs Patent is expensive. affect people's lives, "said director of AIDS Access Foundation.

Mr. No further information. DDS Database is not effective. Could not find out what the patent details are. When writing a letter to the Department. I have not filed a patent application yet. There are drug companies that are relevant for this time when the base asks whether this is being considered or not, while the Department has a huge impact on people's lives. Because he is a monopoly only when selling sales. And then guaranteed by the Intellectual Property Department.

The Infection Network Organization and. Call the Intellectual Property Department to: 1. To clarify the delay 2. Provide assurance to the public that the information submitted after the advertisement for the consideration of the patent application. It will be considered with other sources. 3. Show responsibility for providing false information. Especially for TAF and 4. The database system must be modified immediately for easy search. Complete, accurate and timely information.

The correspondent. In the Intellectual Property Department. The Ministry of Trade Representatives to the service department to go out instead. Identify with the Institute's representatives. Chief executives of the Department, Director General and Deputy Director General of the Intellectual Property Department. The mission outside the Ministry. He has yet to decide what action will be taken at the request of the Institute.


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