Friday , March 5 2021

I'm the most terrible! Wild elephants are thrown into the sky. Down, hitting the crisis.

I'm the most terrible! Wild elephants are thrown into the sky. Down, hitting the crisis.

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I'm the most terrible! A wild elephant using a tapered tempacle has survived 2 times surviving scratching elephants attacking a "stingy" forest defense officer, 6 heavy tonnes, now lost, no tracking, can escape to the deep forest an instinct. When I realized that I was wrong.

On November 28, by wild elephants, he attacked Mr Manop Galapaksa Forest Rangers when he died, he died. In midnight on November 26, relatives have returned to a charity in shadow at Klong Takara, Takiab District, Chachoengsao, in the heart of their children's disease. The elephants have disappeared from the area where they lived in the villages of Na Long and Naanan without tracking.

Mr Sathien Wongthaisong, head of Moo 15 (Krua Dok Koon) said that elephants are not sure that the elephant. "You disappear" Wild elephant There is no pressure around 6 tonnes, 10 years old, the rest of the circle regularly. Because I do not see it. I'm not sure if this is the case. Can you believe You're dying The elephants are aggressive and violent, and have attacked the poor and have died several times. The elephants are alone and do not live alone because they do not join the other elephants, not from before. As the villagers watch the field. Damage to 2 times, but the villagers have escaped. Last Night Watching and Tracking Elephant It's still a mission to monitor the elephant forest. But no trace of elephants. That's the only reason. It is believed to escape to the deep forest. Or return to Angthong Nai wildlife keeper. The elephant stupidly knows he's done wrong. I'll escape for a while. So far, we would have been back in the area outside the woodland to live in Ban Na Isan, Ban Na Yao, the same as this, the wildlife and plants of the Park Department National to find a way to bring this elephant. Aggressive aggression of the area where the elephant camps in Khao Tak Khong, Wang Nam Yen, Sa Kaeo, would make the villagers warm and would not lose their lives. Even though

Mr. Boonlert Sornpran, 45, Forest Defense Officer Tracking the elephant Jungle set in Tha Takieung, Chachoengsao, reveals the records that survived the death after an attack on elephants early morning in mid-September when riding a motorcycle. One of them is a patrol officer. Follow eliffant behavior out of the forest. In the Khao Nanghong Moo 14 area, Takiep has almost elephants back to the forest. The photos were taken to analyze and evaluate the tracking of the elephant the following day. When walking, photograph the remains of elephants. Elephant call behind Just turn to the elephant then. The elephant has a strap in the waist. Before turning turkey, throw it off until you jump to the euphippy. The distance is about 5 meters before falling to the ground. The elephant ran into it. Use the turtle for a second time before throwing for the second time. Make the ground down, then use the front legs. I tried kicking and pressing, but self-conscious. I'll run to roll off the elephant to go. In the meantime, the pillows used firearms to threaten the air. He stopped the elephant panic before the resort and turned back to the forest. Then the inferior came to self. Before presenting the hospital, the pelletic cut of the right leg, swelling, internal organs was cut. No wounds You must sleep in hospital for two weeks, now doctors have allowed to return to home resettlement.

Mr Boonlert Saraporn said the past had lost incredible. As this works for decades. Every time, be very careful. From previous experience. We will use the nose to charge the elephant in the neighborhood or not, but that day, the elephant is smarter than we are confidential under the direction the wind. The wind is overwhelmed, but it survives, it's a blessing when it's normal to return to the work the same.

"I can see the problem of elephants difficult to solve now. Is the answer to the end? I can only watch and watch agricultural areas. Do not get into & # 39; The community The elephant population is now increasing by 10% per annum, now there are wild elephants that will not return to the woodland. Both areas are Sanam Chai Khet and Amphoe Tha Takb with 100 because they are a source of water, food sources, livelihoods, wizards that have grown like today. What is the future? I do not think so, "said Mr. Boonlert.

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