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I'm not sure if this is the case.


I'm not sure if this is the case.

Theatrical Red Tanya Wachirabanchong Leading the cast At this time, drug industry Yaya Russ, Ken Phu Landscape After interviewing at the 400 million movie, Nakai 2's celebration to exceed expectations. And update sick From the director Aof Pong Pat The first to travel with.
By Red "NAKA 2 has been extremely successful. We must be the people who give us strength. We do not believe that we will reach this point, but with the public eye and It came from the first day, and we were surprised at how much of this. We must thank all the media. We will continue to support Thailand and the future. "

The revenue was higher than the target?
Red "Oh, that's too much. We're very happy every day. From the first day to 50 million we are very surprised. We know Thai movies are now lightweight and the economy is not good. But this income, we feel it is encouraging. We will move on to the future of Thai movies "

This is the first time I told you.
Red – "It will ask every day when it is sent. One hit, two hit, may not sleep. I asked for a movie or not. I'm afraid you'll lose. repay you from the start It has been troublesome since it has got the problem I can calculate how to earn more income But enough to come today I can walk (laugh). If & # 39; the income 1,000,000,000 (Laughter) Relax his worries and sleep well. Do you think that the development is so fast? "

Ask the actors to be 100 million actors each?
Yaya – "I'm very happy in this life, I've never seen people stay in front of the cinema to see the movie. Have a nice day in the cinema. And he told me he was waiting for Duan 2, which is very proud. I do not think this will succeed. Thank you. The Reds invited me to join her on this. "

How do you know that?
Ken – "People are very similar to teenagers, for teenagers, I asked him if he had never visited a center of the foreground. He came to see the first. But not just a lot of people. "

How do you feel about seeing this movie in Thailand?
Ken – "Thank you very much to the team, Merry to be successful."
Benefit payment – "I do not know how to say that. I believe that the feeling is not the same as everyone, happy, surprised, proud and surprised."

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Will this be a bad one?
Red – "At the time, it was only 200 million, and I was going to make a podium for you now. He does the story. Everyone who came to see Naga was 2 with us. In this money we bring to his desires. "

On the increase to 1000 million?
Red "If that's the case, then let's dance (laugh). I do not know what to do.

The fans ask for the 3rd division, who will be there?
Red – "Come here, no, I do not have to think about it, it was not easy. All the actors are already full. I do not know what to say yet, but I have to wait for the good news. I do not know what to say, but I do not know what to do. Now, it's very knowledgeable, but it is not & # 39; The members are very good. "

What is this?
Red "I'm really talking and tired. I do not know what to do. The doctor says the arm is the hardest because the muscles & # 39, ok, but it should be good, because of his mind, he asked today to attend. We do not bann again. He told me he wanted to thank the staff and actor, he kept on tracking. He told me soon, but we do not underestimate. She does physical everyday. Hospital Hospital Walk Q is still tight And acupuncture, massage, compression and much. Everything that gets do it, feel better, it will do it, but ask if it will return to the percentage. We can not say, but it should be as good as possible. It's a mirror to fight every day Every day many songs around the ancient record are open. As Christmas I do not want a morning "

Can we relax ourselves?
Red – "It's a bit of time because we're working together, but now it's a lot better, but it must be a home cooker. I just walked to walk. If it's down, it's a roll. Do not underestimate It was thin because it was fat because the doctor did not eat a lot. Do not make high sugar. I felt the weight had lost 5 kilometers, but I started back. It looks like it's coming back. "

Y Aof Pong Pat He first appeared in the celebration of 400 million incomes of Nami 2 films, then thanked staff on stage. "First of all, I want to say that my life is a dream. But this job is successful because we have people of good faith and talented people to help. The first person to thank was Nicholas and Ken Tate, lead actor Eid Puffy Cotton, then a second photographer who made the picture to meet our needs. I do not know what to do. It has costumes, ink, art and then M PICTURES and then the final arm of the CGI and team. We can not reject the CGI from before. And here is the Thai CGI. We all impressed me in this work. People ask why people watch movies, why it's because of us all."

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