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I do not want to talk a lot. 40 Then Aum – Patcharapa Khwang Hi Soopra was launched with parents. Enter a chat


I do not want to talk a lot. 40 Then Aum – Patcharapa Khwang Hi Soopra was launched with parents. Enter a chat

I do not want to talk a lot – February 21, at the Bar and Grill Penthouse 35, Park Hyatt Super Star Hotel This is the Chaiyaphum Phatcharapa Interview at the launch event "Presentation Summer Summer On The Tiger Summer Collection 2019" Update the heart on the day the love is mature after it is taken His Highness carries the president of Wongpornprapha Go to eat with parents Ready to reveal Valentine's sweet moments And past birthday's

I do not want to talk a lot
Aum Phatcharapa

Heart status update How is it now?
"Well, (really smiling), we have known each other for a long time. Good to know some habits But you have to wait and see Then use the word" chat "

Usually, I do not see this sweet corner of this size.
"In fact, he's not a sweet person. He's a more shy person. We've been friends from before and did we meet many jobs made with & # 39; At the same time, I rarely speak. How will the image we sing through the time? When we started talking It will be strange, shy, because the chat like in front ".

Shy but often post on social media?
"(Laughs)? Oh, so often? Oh, not often. (Smile) Long time, because Ah, she's embarrassing."

The nobles carry many social media.

And with the word "dear" he said Everyone who heard the screaming?
"Listen wrong" (Laughs) "

This love How long will it take to see? To use the van van?
"Let's talk. Do not know what to say. Oh, 40, I do not want to say a lot. Let's talk about it. This kind of thing must wait to see how long it is. yes. "

I do not want to talk a lot
Apha Hi Soop launches with parents

Saw he throws the lukes, the men hit the darkness Put your barley to see your parents. Do we ask?
"No, he shakes himself, shapes, plays. Try, because he has never seen a noise. We can not see going to meet parents. Most people like him, get a mustache, ok? If asked, what kind of like? No, it can not be. "

Ask you to be this person, right?
"(Smile) This is already lightweight."

How did you find the latest home?
"Yes, everyone is nice".

Aum - Patcharapa
Aum a theulu Hiso-cario

Have you seen the future with each other?
"Oh … I just talked to each other Do not know what to do No one has asked anything. In fact, a few months ago When I asked for the first time We have not spoken again. We sit together When I got news I started talking here Thanks to the news (Smile) "

The fancies grew up a lot. In Instagram, how to win?
"Yes, because he saw that Aum had to launch. Indeed, he wanted to be quiet. Because he wants to look long I do not want to give it up as a start . "

Show that this person has passed a specific level?
"A good person. Are you nice Because we do not want to launch anyone often Wait until you break up, people will tell you to change again. But Aum was not worried about the That day If we're dating, we'll have to give it up. Think, let's go But it did not want to be forced for a long time It will be a waste of time. "

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What are your friends
"Friends already know how to carry it. So there's no problem."

May (Pattida) interviewed he wanted us to be married, with children?
"Go to the egg (laughs). If you're trying to have a baby, you really do not have it. Oh, as a child. But eg, I want you to grow up. Thinking about Or plan that the future will be married or having children, only being with their sorry is very angry, understand that they are mothers when they disappear Do not meet friends We must not say he is Because he is very tired Only for a moment We're still tired But tired and happy The size of the baby, friend, we still want to meet forever. "

Have you ever asked Hi-So Is the future want kids?
"Never ask."

Was asked for the last 5 December anniversary, Her Majesty carrying a great surprise?
"A long time ago We have not seen each other yet. That day was really surprising. He told me to invite to eat. We say it's strange. So call to tell friends What Well well Will it go well Friends told me We asked how to wear They were told to eat at the hotel in his house, so we thought we had to be polite and then wearing a new collection from old clothes Because he was of the opinion that he would not take a picture We asked Pee Yui. How did Pookluk have to be beautiful? She told her that she was beautiful every day. It just makes it beautiful. Only this. "

Show that the ones in your room are not skeptical at all?
"No, but at that time the car was caught on the road. We were frustrated. Call everyone Who is on the job, rushing with each other to call" Aumrong "

It looks like it keeps the details. Pay attention to all of us?
"Well, because of traveling Ah, I would like to ask if this is a song. It will tell Tom, Tom, tell and tell how many times, how many songs, Tom, would we think we were? I do not like Tom. But we like this voice Assume there are 20 songs that they were asked to be Tom's voice. We said if you're singing to listen before you sleep Because he's asleep, so he got a surprise. "

Is it good to sleep now?
"If Tom calls for everyday listening, he will sleep. But this one day would not sleep."

But his past was a birthday We are just as sweet. See if it's singing, singing or singing?
"Do not cry Because Am is not a good person to think about greetings

The Chinese New Year can be a thick package of envelopes. How much is a silver odor?
"Fragrant? (Laughs) Money is a interior, not a Czech, like this (laughs) like this But one year is one time"

Was it asked when she was ill when she was ill?
"Watch watching because it has fallen in Japan. Now I still have iron. It's not really a problem. It will usually try to do everything for itself, but it will be frustrated when it can not do anything Because it's not OK Use only one arm. "

Many people are really fun. Is there a pressure?
"There's a pressure, because we have just started to talk seriously a few months, very little.

Do not use fan status, right?
"Is that talking? Let's talk (smile). How will the headline? You have to think again? Can you wait for the next time? This time, do not firmly fix."

Can it be called a close friend?
"Do not take it lightly, then wait for the next time you think about the status."

Today is thrown away too?
"Do not break. Put the wig on. Want to change yourself to the sneakers."

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