Wednesday , September 28 2022

I do not know how to do that. Use the bat to reach the backside.


The committee school is established to investigate the extreme punishment of 6-year-old boys after jumping in the sun 50 times. If you're missing 7

Mrs. Kamon, 30, mother Topp (12 years old), a 6-year-old student, Phutthayong Kindergarten, Phutthayong District, Buriram, have asked for justice. My son was 35 years old. Have punished both to jump in the heat of the sun 50 times and use the spand to wrap with adhesive tape to reach the bottom 10 times until it is a wound, just cause because & # 39; r son is surfing the formula. The event was held on the afternoon of November 9th.

And in November 10, the school called the teacher. And parents talk to each other. It is not okay because the parents do not accept the teacher's actions. And insisting that teachers move outside the school. The school also asked parents to teach teachers here. Since teachers never have a history of wrongdoing. The school will continue. But parents did not accept the offer.

>> Mothers' Friends! Attach the teacher to use the bat to reach the sixth blower. .

Today (11 Nov) Mr. Piya Bhuddhang, Director of Phutthaisong Kindergarten School Unveiled After knowing the matter, it was ordered to establish a committee to investigate the facts. I completed urgently within 7 days, then summarize and report to Buriram 4 Primary Education Office, the agency to recognize and consider the process.

Mr Piya said that. By asking the teacher to support the event. The teacher recognizes that the child is actually punished. Is it too serious? Wait for results & procedure. If the results show that the teacher has punished the child more than the actual agency, he will discipline the discipline in accordance with the next step.

The teacher will apologize or mediation with the student, it is different, not for the discipline. By claiming it will be fair for both parties. But what's worried about the child's mental condition? Initially, the teacher will usually teach until the examination is completed.

The top of the top brother revealed that after the news of grandchildren were severely punished, teachers rushed to visit grandchildren in their homes. When he saw the second lane, his grandson was hit by bats. I was very angry with the teacher. I want to ask why the teacher is involved in this intense student. The children did nothing from their place. I can not introduce the formula or children can talk in the classroom, it should be learned. You should not hit this genre seriously.

It is also important to remember that when you have a baby, it's important to have a baby. That's not what happened. I want the teacher to take responsibility for my own actions. And to the relevant agencies. Give fairness to your goddesses. If no action is taken. I will not go to school or move to another school. I will be punished again.

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