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Huawei launches cloud services in Singapore – Siamphone.com


Huawei Valley Huawei clouds computer service Announces & launch in Singapore as the latest market To expand the scope of artificial intelligence presentation (AI) and full cloud platforms across Pacific Ocean

Huawei Valley Plans to develop the Singapore market to become one of the largest markets outside China Under the scheme, Huawei Cloud will build AI capabilities in Singapore. Using Huawei Cloud's innovative and technical solutions to provide services to people starting As well as important industrial sectors in the region, as well as promoting comprehensive AI development, reliability, efficiency And good value for money

As the main international financial center of the region Singapore is an important transport and service center of Asia. He is also an important member of the Association of Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Group (APEC). In addition, this market is also a strategic hub for Chinese companies that want to expand their businesses outside. Country Includes overseas companies undertaking operations in Pacific Ocean Asia

Roben Huang Huawei Cloud President, Asia Pacific said: "Huawei Cloud is proud to be a strategic investment in the Singapore market. To expand our business across Pacific Ocean Asia With the help of all ICT partners, whether in the country and around the world We look forward to provide a secure and gradual cloud platform for domestic companies As well as Chinese capital companies that have plans to expand their businesses abroad These cloud services Which data transfer is fast and with high value It will take advantage of server chip, storage devices And high performance network equipment developed by Huawei As well as the high-speed network we have created with network operators in Asia Pacific

Following approval under the strict security data process of Singapore Huawei will provide technical support and service guarantees to Huawei Cloud customers in the public, Internet and financial industry. Includes large local companies 24 hours a day

Jeffery Liu Huawei president for the South Pacific region said, "Huawei has been operating in Asia Pacific for a long time and became part of the local ecosystem In recent years, the governments of different countries in the region have announced a transformation strategy digital, we are ready to help companies and governments and those countries implement their strategies by providing exciting new technologies such as cloud and AI computers. In addition, Huawei Cloud has plans Launching a training program for skills development and Recruiting in Asia Pacific Provide talented employment and training opportunities in the region ".

As well as China, Europe and Latin America, in 2018, Huawei Cloud was launched in Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand and South Africa. As a result, at the end of 2018, Huawei Cloud is available in 40 service areas and 23 regions to provide reliable Consumer cloud services

Huawei will be hosting the SINGAPORE SUMMIT 2019 Huawei Cloud meeting under the theme "Growing with Intelligence" at the end of April. In 2019, the company will discuss the development of a digital economy with governments, experts, customers, university partners and independent analysts in the Asia-Pacific region.

For more information can be found at https://activity-intl.huaweicloud.com/SingaporeCloud

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