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Huawei is one of the trade battles and war that can last until 2020.

One of the US battlefields and China's trade war is that Huawei is responsible for the US security threat. Until ordered by President Donald Trump banning American companies doing business and transactions with companies in the Black List, Huawei is one of them.

To be fair to Huawei, it must be said that the United States has no evidence to prove that Huawei is a threat to security. There is no doubt that Huawei is in the stock market. And also a Chinese company The more questions the United States makes

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Let's look at the results of the business Huawei has distributed smart phone loads worldwide in the first quarter of 2019 at 59.1 million units, with a growth of 50.3% from the previous year. For the same site in the future, the strength of Huawei is not only on the smartphone. But on 5G technology

That said, the world is currently stepping into 5G technology, with Huawei being one of the leading technology manufacturers. And that might make the super-powers like US leadership situation lost

From the presidential decree causing Google IT companies from the US Publication to stop doing business with Huawei (although the latest extension will last for 90 days), but it must say that follow this not useful to Google and Twitter @Android has published a short statement which is

"It will continue to provide services Google Play And security updates from Google Play protects To the device Huawei Current version "

Although Huawei has published a statement confirming that Huawei is an important part of Android development and growth worldwide. Huawei smartphones and tablets worldwideCan usually use Google services Google Play, Gmail, YouTube, Google Including downloading and updating applications as usual

This issue is the news mentioned and is updated every hour around the world. Which, until now, Google and Huawei's address is still unclear what will come out of the end in the social world. #standforhuawei #supporthuawei And #savehuawei It happened from a group of users who saw that this black list was not fair

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On the other hand, President Xi Jinping traveled to Rae Ore's factory.Rare soil onJiangxi Province, an important source of mineral production in the country And China is still a producer in proportion to 90% From the whole world

The mild ground is an important element in the production of computer chips and many high-tech devices, including weapons and has not been added to an increase in US import tax. It is expected that the US will need to import minerals from the kind of China. And importing minerals from the kind of China i 80% Of total import

The trip to visit the factory for the mineral soil this time So criticize and guess that this is a signal from China to the US China can use this earth as an anti-meter. Which US Department of Commerce has announced a delay in the Huawei boycott for a while 90 Days to date 19 August 62 Allowing Chinese companies and leading business partners to have time to update software and contractual regulations in different areas. Huawei users cause to breathe relief That Huawei smartphone is able to use Google services as usual

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This situation shows that Huawei can no longer rely on Google's Android operating system And even have its own operating system that has been developed since 2012 in the name of HongMeng OS or Kirin OS, but that's not It's easy for Huawei.

If it is in China, Huawei's own operating system is ready to use. But outside China, the Ecosystem is the most part of Huawei, especially applications that are currently widely used worldwide, more than Huawei will create this ecosystem.

In conclusion, I can't say that this game will soon expire or long. But one of China's choices is to continue until 2020, which is President Donald Trump's season.

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