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Hospital Chulabhorn Hospital hybrid hospital, the high-tech facility to which all have equal access


Within the hybrid cardiovascular surgery

It is surprising that people are more frightened of cancer than coronary heart disease.

Some patients come to treat cancer but do not give details of the risk of coronary heart disease. Because they feared they would not receive cancer treatment Fortunately, during surgery the doctor saw an abnormal heart rhythm before he could correct it immediately …

A statement of people working with patient information This can be another factor causing the number of patients with cardiovascular disease to increase to date, this is the second highest mortality and illness rate in Wales. Thailand after cancer.

"The Public Health Ministry data, 2018, shows that there were 432,943 cases of cardiovascular disease, 20,855 deaths or nearly 60 cases a day, most of which are found in Wales. the age group of 60 years or more. "

Professor Dr. Nithi Mahanont General Secretary of the Royal College of Chulabhorn Published on stage at the launch event "Cardiovascular Hybrid Surgery Room" t Innovative combination of cardiovascular laboratories and laboratories Along with modern operating rooms To collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists, cardiologists, anesthesologists, nurses and technical radiologists Increase the potential to treat patients with complex diseases for effective surgical treatment t Because usually when the patient expands the blood vessels or other treatments In the cardiac laboratory and complications The patient needs to be moved to the operating room for further surgical treatment. Which will waste movement time, including the risk of moving safety

This is also with the aspiration. Professor Dr. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Chulabhornwalailak Royal Highness President Chulabhorn College Getting a wish Chulabhorn Hospital is a refuge for all levels of Thailand. To receive standard treatment Her Majesty has the idea of ​​expanding the service from specialist cancer hospitals to a comprehensive medical institution. And build an extended hospital to the building Chalermprakiat Chulabhorn Medical Center Within the government center area, Chaengwattana Road Soi 5 With a heart and vascular center as one of the centers of excellence Which has the potential to support all patients with complete care and heart t

Professor Dr. Nithi in the year 2019, the year that Chulabhorn Hospital stepped into the 10th year of operation In order to support the patients more fully, so it was launched Heart and Hybrid Blood Reduction Chamber » t For patients with complex heart disease, the heart, blood and thorax have been treated efficiently and beneficial to the patient.

Looking from the monitoring room

"The public can access treatment. Because this is part of a government agency Can use all rights to hold a gold card, social security or 30 baht to cure all diseases. We have a 24-hour backup heart doctor."

For the genius of the hybrid cardiovascular surgery Professor Worawong Silasatthakorn The consultant at the Cardiovascular Center said that we could change the function to act as an operating theater and continue to have a surgical procedure. Without having to move any patient, not wasting time, reducing the risk of being transported by patients, as well as the hybrid cardiovascular surgery there is also a navigation system that can determine the treatment situation. correct. And remember the situation with the latest radiography when changing the patient's situation It can be referred to from the original point without having to take new radiography Reduce the amount of radiation patients receive t

"This is the first aircraft vascular sensor technology in ASEAN. Sharp, 3D images are made more convenient and detailed. Heart valve surgery can be done in this room without opening the chest."

(Left) Professor Dr. Nithi Mahanont, Assoc Professor Worawong Silasatthakorn and Dr. Suksan Kanoksilp

While Dr Suksan Kanoksilp Doctors, senior counselors and cardiothoracic surgeons say that with a team of specialist doctors Including the multidisciplinary workforce Enabling us to have the potential to perform procedures in open heart surgery groups And can also include aortic aneurysm and a # surgical surgery. 39 The abdomen Installation of an open heart aortic valve instead of surgery

Including early lung cancer surgery where the tumor is very small With this technology, the exact location of cancer can be determined. Helping to maintain good lung meat As well as reducing the rate of death and disability after surgery Also helping patients improve their speed t

"An operation for the treatment of aortic aneurysm from the original takes 12-18 hours, but can be reduced to only 3-4 hours. Fatigue reduces This is the advantage of this machine."

Ask for details or make an appointment at the heart disease helpline. Chulabhorn Hospital, call 06-4585-5197

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