Friday , February 26 2021

Google Launches New "Job Search" Feature Including Job Office From a Web Exhibition Choose the right one more conveniently.

In today's world, if someone is looking for something, Google is the first choice of every service. Including anyone looking for a new job. Previously, the job search on Google is the same as the usual search in the air, but today launched a new Thailand "feature search" feature to customize the display to the Information Panel for job search. Finding the right place is easier and more convenient.

Google is launching a job as the 4th country in Asia

This is the fourth country in Asia after opening in India, Singapore and Hong Kong. This feature will send information from the web partners to find jobs. The main thing., JobTopGun,, LinkedIn,,, a blognone. These partners will need to make an api on Google. Looking for work on your own, Google does not limit the cooperation, but only the big head. But also open to other partners. It can send data to the Google Index with the Open Documentation feature. This is a recruitment feature that has been designed to help you get jobs from different organizations. Small and large sites are easily found on Google using open architecture of the name, which has been powered by Google.

Looking for an online job is becoming increasingly popular. One year after year search growth reached 17% and there was more search for mobile jobs than on desktop computers today. The search for mobile jobs increased by 14% of the previous year.

Over 100,000 jobs are chosen.

When I show Google, the job search is organic or as it should be. There are no advertising features in any way. The search will be tailored to each person by choosing a job closer to home. At present, more than 100,000 jobs have been made.

How to use Google Jobs Search

We can search for jobs from Google either through the browser or the app itself. The keyword search can be specific or broader. Enter your company or job title.

  • Bangkok Administration
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Jobs in Apple
  • Banking

We can customize the job description in several other subjects.

  • Job Category
  • Position and distance
  • Date of publication
  • Full time or part time
  • Type of Business
  • Employer

Which company on the web can publish a job with Google.

Normally, any company that wants to hire more people will have to use the web service only. You can advertise directly to the target audience. But with Google looking for work already launched. We can open the post of the web page, we can do it. The way above is that we have to do the web using Google's api to send data to the content table. If you are not technically interested. And the company has used WordPress or CMS that can find the attachment to be used by many people to do.

Below is a plug-in in WordPress, we can download it instantly. No cost

Droidsans announced job search and facilities.

This will be the plug into the web soon. For now we are expanding the team. Anyone interested in signing up to work together. There are a number of jobs below.

  • Writer
  • Creative
  • Graphic Designer

While waiting for the plug-in, anyone with an interest can send resume to [email protected]

More details about Google for Jobs can be found. Whatever

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