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FA Thailand – Major General Samroeng Chaiyong: Thai movie master


Major General Samroeng Chaiyong: Master of Thai movies

This is an important precursor to Thai football. Who received the nickname "Master of Thai film"

A footballer who King Rama IX gave his royal scholarship to study coaches in Germany. Along with being offered Her Majesty's work of King Bintornthep Thep Yawarangkun, the 10th reign, in the presiding of the royal ruling

Major General Samroeng Chaiyong or the previous name of Samui Chaiyong are citizens of Roi Et. Soccer devotees since childhood Before receiving a scholarship from the Roi Et Provincial Education Office Come and study at the PE Teacher Training School in Bangkok (PE College). Here is the starting point in the Sai-Lek Road line.

A. Samroeng Chaiyong played football for the PE Department team to take part in various competition programs. With the ability to show Thai national team coach Until being selected to enter the Thai national team He went to the final football tournament in Melbourne in 1956 by the Thai national team losing United Kingdom 0-9 in the first round

The year 1962, Samrueang Chaiyong, had the opportunity to play in the presence of King Rama 9 in the Royal Trophy Cup, and after the game was called to meet.

Upon reaching King Rama's reign 9, Samrueang moved from a teacher in a teacher training school. (College of Physical Education) to learn at Chitralada School At that time, the school's physical education teacher was busy. That is a big turning point in life When having the opportunity to present work to the High High Prince of the Four Kings in Her Majesty's King Somdej King Rama IX

Mr. Samroeng Chaiyong from the Football Association. To travel to train short-term trainers in Germany for 3 weeks with a high test score so dating Marmer Garmer, world film maker Persuading them to study at a higher level But cope with money problems

After Her Majesty, King Rama IX knew about him There is a royal order to continue studying at a higher level. With Her Majesty giving Samrueang royal scholarships, continuing to finish secondary school football (Compared to current license)

When traveling back to Thailand, Samrueang Chaiyong took the courses he had studied. As a trainer for the Bangkok Bank Bank And just the first year The team then succeeded in winning the Royal Cup A. A competition before the Football Association of the name Tue Samroeng Chaiyong took a national team coach post Thai in the short term

A. Samrueang Chaiyong returned to be a physical education coach at Chitralada School. Along with being trusted In the reign of King Rama's reign 9, Royal HRH Princess Srinagarindra's care Including King Rama's 10th reign when presiding the Prince of the Crown's royal prince

Prior to having a military captain at the Royal Command Department At one time, Samrueang Chaiyong decided to resign from a military service once. To work in football But King Rama IX ordered him to learn football without having to resign

Mr. spent Samroeng Chaiyong every night after work. (Royal Guard Officer) teaches football for youth at the National Supachalasai Stadium Before coming to the Rajavithi club

In the year 2515, Her Majesty King Rama IX ordered the area to travel to Australia. Acting as pastor for King Rama VII when he had the royal title of Prince Wachira Down He went to study a military academy at Duntrun Canberra in Australia for 4 years

After returning from Australia, Samrueang Chaiyong continued to work under royal patronage. Her Majesty King Rama IX made soccer time decreasing. Finally, Sam Chueang Chaiyong presented his work to his brother, overseeing the Rajavithi club instead.

A. Samrueang Chaiyong and his family have been serving the royal family for several decades. Until a few years ago, Mr. Samroeng Chaiyong was ill for Alzheimer's. It must be overseen and close to stay in the house Until the last death of acute renal failure on March 11, 2019 at age 86

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