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"Dr Wao" surrendered. The mother was not happy. "Tea" Chiranatha "was not true. Only failed


"Dr. Wao" set out detailed details. Pumrama's mother was not pleased that wife "Nam Chee Niranat" was not true! Only still have no chance to meet

Still talking continuously in the online world. For the history of the singer and actress, "Nam Chee Niranat", who has been a boyfriend "Dr. Lau Dilaka", is kneeling about a recent marriage. Before the news came to the obvious that the male mother was not happy with the "tea" until he had to open his heart and his tears. Explain different issues This afternoon (21 May) as reported

Recently, "Dr. Lao" issued a statement via a personal Instagram that "I'm sorry I can't explain with the media today because of the important mission. The rumors came out last week. T I had to explain here that the rumors that came out were not true. Since I and the tea began meeting together I have always taught my mother. find opportunities to bring tea to meet mothers and families Many times But with the timing and the opportunity not to make it possible to meet with each other, t however, although he did not meet his mother But he met tea with other people In my family. "

“Before I ask for tea for the wedding of Consultee and asked for permission for both adults. My mother gave me my diamond ring as an engagement ring. And it also allowed me to bring the diamond to create a new house as I thought the tea for a trip would ask for tea. My mother, I would know. Many people expressed their views and encouraged both to be numerous.

Picture thanks to Instagram: dilakalathapipat, namcha_tea

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