Thursday , September 29 2022

CONTACT US PANEL LLEW! 11/11 days only From midnight On the online channel.


November 9, 2561, Bangkok – UNIQUE Japan's top fashion and fashion marketing Prepare for hottest online shopping. 11/11 Online Sales UNIQUE has chosen a special price.

  • Winter discount up to 1,000 baht, such as jacket, jacket, duck.
  • LifeWare Products for everyday wear, such as a bottomwear collection. Begin just 145 baht Only one day!

Online shoppers can start shopping for promotional items starting at midnight on November 11th. As well as promotions 11/11 Online Sales at Unicole Online Store also bring new services. You can pick up your product in any UniClean store near you (Click and Collect). You can get it in any UniClean store near you. Without shipping

Special! For Top Spender who bought high on 11/11 for a trip to the Hokai Award 1. 2 seats Total 350,000 Baht of Clubmed (winners announced on 16 November Three of the bells On the UNIQLO Facebook channel of Thailand

Do not lose promotion. 11/11 Online Sales UNIQLO Online Shop and Mobile Apps. From midnight on. This special day only 11/11. Only one day Shop around the country to look at.

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