Tuesday , August 16 2022

Clear detailed disease


Looking at the image you have to identify, seeing the blurred image, seeing the color is distorted and seeing the black fan in the middle of the image Look in bright spaces, not clear Adjusting the look not being able to see in the dark in the dark With these symptoms, you should see an ophthalmologist It can be a visual visibility disease

Dr. revealed Pasakorn Chaiwanichsiri, Deputy Director General of the Department of Medical Affairs, said that the disease was clearly declining. Is a condition that results in losing a vision Found in patients aged 60 and over. Having caused by the visual center in the middle of the degenerative retina. What retinal decline occurs for many reasons, depending on the severity of the disease, symptoms of retina, including bright, obscure or allergic light, adjusting the eyes from being able to see in the dark , it is not so bright Flexible eyes, black spaces or shadows in the middle of the image See color stomach Suggest observation of your own abnormalities. Which is very necessary By using a centralized centralized test sheet with a clear visual inspection table Look at the point of the image clearly. If you see an abnormal image, you need to find an ophthalmologist. To receive an eye examination immediately

Dr. Saijin Isri Pradit, Director of Metta Hospital Pracharak (Wat Rai Khing), said that the disease was obviously a degenerative disease caused by a deterioration in the central part of the retina. Important causes lose sight of the elderly People over the age of 50 can often be found in younger people. There are often people with a family history of this disease

The disease has clearly split into two groups 1. Dry disease on the spot and location. The image is dry and can be detected by 90% of the photoreceptor in the place and place of reception. It starts to decline gradually as age increases. There are fewer photocopiers in place and place. Visibility in the middle of the image is getting worse. So you need more light than usual When reading or doing close activities 2. Disease is clear, wet and degrading. Occasionally caused by abnormal blood vessels under the retina that cause severe vision loss Wet spot disease Water or blood will leak from growing blood vessels unusual.

Risk factors that cause the disease to become clearer Including the higher age Sunlight or ultraviolet light, heart disease, high blood pressure, internal high cholesterol, smoking, drink alcohol and genetics by hand of the Amser Grid grid with vertical and horizontal lines. With a point in the middle, if some lines are not visible or the lines disappear You should ask for immediate medical attention

Treatment can be treated with laser medicine or used in several ways. Current treatment slows down sight loss. But it can prevent macular degeneration by reducing avoidable risk factors by maintaining strong health, such as exercise, eating foods that are nutrient and vision In order to reduce the risk of degenerative retinopathy, including fruit and vegetables that are yellow, orange, such as carrots, pumpkin, green leaf vegetables such as kale, Pueblo, Leng, etc. Weight control Solvents can not be prevented or treated with sunglasses, preventing smoking, deteriorated retina. But if diagnosed, timely treatment will help slow down the generation of disease And reduce the chance of losing vision

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