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"CKPower" emphasizes strong business Encourage the creation of New Heights in 2018, revenues increased by 30%, earned 3 times a profit



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February 22, 2019


Show the Lao PDR. Xayaburi as planned

CK Power Public Company Limited or "CKP", one of the leaders in the production and distribution of combined heat Heating power And solar power at home and abroad Results for the year 2018, revenue grew by 30% and set a net profit from 277% of the previous year, the highest record Is the result of a continuous power supply Reflect effectively the effectiveness of operations in the business Set the target to move a power supply of 2 additional power plants in line with the strategic plan and # 39; n correspond to 1,291.75 MW within the fourth quarter of 2019.

Mr Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director, CK Power Company Limited Or CKP It was revealed that the year 2018, the company's performance Grows to be satisfactory Statistics of losing, creating new hotspots, revenues and profits beyond the set set. Causes fixed returns to investors Reflecting strong business performance ongoing Operating results for the year 2018, the company had more than 30% revenue from the previous year, which equates to 9,115 million baht due to the increase in Nam Ngum power plant revenue sales 2. With the maximum rainfall in 70 years, together with a full-year electricity sales Cogeneration 2 Bang Pa-in project, a SPP power plant Features that use natural gas such as fuel. At the same time Nam Ngum 2 plant has published debts to reduce financial costs. As a result, the CKPower net profit in 2018 increased to 599 million baht with 277% higher growth in the previous year. It's a good sign to be ready to become a leading power producer in the country and the level. ASEAN Region in the future

The main strategy of CKPower is to create more value to grow and produce profits continuously. Continue to expand business and invest in energy business in neighboring countries such as Lao PDR. With potential land suitable for the construction of hydropower plants Including the support of the private sector to develop hydropower projects in the country and in line with the trend of electric use of the Laos PDR, with an increase in persistent rates. In 2018, CKPower looked for opportunities to strengthen future performance. Therefore, invested in Xayaburi Power Company Limited ("XPCL"), the Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Project concession, a further 7.5 percent of registered capital. The total investment is 2,065 million baht. As a result, the share in XPCL is 37.5 per cent. The project has developed an electricity transfer system and brings benefits to both sides. He is a strategic partner in the development of hydropower projects. Ready to create sustainability in the ASEAN region. At present, the Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Project has moved over 97%. On 30-31 January 2019 Mr Wiboon Aeksirathai, Governor of the Thai Electricity Production Authority (EGAT) The faculty went to the construction progress and watched the final test before the first electricity supply of the first generation set. The company expects the first generator to start generating electricity in the first quarter of 2019 and the next batch will enter the EGAT system gradually until all 7 units have completed. The construction will be completed according to the plan. The trade can be opened in the fourth quarter of 2019 by paying the Electricity Production Authority Signs Sky from Thailand through the province's transmission line. In accordance with the electricity sales contract of 1,220 megawatts of neighboring countries and the sale of electricity to Lao PDR of 65 MW

In addition, CKPower has invested in the development of a solar and on-ground solar energy plant project for electricity generation and distribution to 6 private operators, with a total of 6.75 MW, which meet the demand for energy. Clean, environmentally friendly Caring for society and helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions Construction began in the third quarter of 2018. A 1-inch operator of 0.9 MW was supplied in February 2019. For the 5 projects Another construction It is expected to complete all commercial operations in 2019

CK Power Public Company Limited has invested in power plants in Thailand and abroad. By working with business partners to develop renewable energy power projects in different Forms to fully integrate with strong investment potential together with the use of highly efficient technology Currently, the company has three main types of power plants , a total of 13 projects, a total of 2,166.75 MW, including 2 hydropower plants in Lao PDR, Nam Power Power Hydralectric Power 2, 615 MW production capacity and power plants. Hydro Power Xayaburi, production capacity of 1,285 MW, combined bicycle pump machine 2 cogeneration facilities, 238 MW capacity and 9 solar power plants with a total of 28.75 megawatts. CKPower has targeted the installed capacity of 5,000 megawatts by 2025.

All CKPower power activities focus on the importance of social and environmental responsibility. Under innovative engineering and higher energy technology, environmentally friendly Ready to become a clean energy leader in Thailand and in the ASEAN region, CKPower is ready to develop all of the business -and the strategy for stable and sustainable growth. (Sustainable) Including searching for new business opportunities in the country Including study & possibilities In developing projects in other neighboring countries with potential In order to continue to build stability and confidence

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