Monday , November 30 2020

Chinnawat & # 39; reveals the tapes for Thailand.

24 February 2019 – Mr. Chinnawat Mauboonpat, former MP for the Thai Party (Area) Phuea and one of the leaders East UDD, on February 22, reported that the document was submitted and to sign a claim to resign from Thai Phuea. Due to resignation from members of the party Due to the March 24 election, the party did not send candidates to elect in the Chanthaburi Province, as political workers Fighter for democracy So no help But it's still from help to support the party with ideology, to comply with democratic guidelines But if it's going to help another party Still being a member of Thai Phuea Party So, he resigned to be a member of party to be free By going to support another party In Class 3 area, the Chanthaburi Province, there are two dictatorship parties. With the democratic side competing By myself still thinking about himself Still a democracy useful

"I resigned in favor of Thai Phuea. There is no conflict with the Phuea Thai Plaid. Party leader Everyone's active directors Continue to respect the same Thank you to the Thai party Who has finished since 10 years Who resigned from the party The offense that the party does not submit to apply for elections in Region 3, Chanthaburi, is by time with the party. have never negotiated anything. Choosing candidates to be elected To be a decision of the party's executive committee Even if the candidate is not sent to the province of Chanthaburi. Given that the party thinks well, confirm that resignation is not a resignation . Or what is it? "Mr Chinnawat said.

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