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China's first transsexual baby prototype


China orders to transplant anti-HIV conveyance first
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The world's first HIV-1 DNA transplant – BBC Thai

Specialists in the scientific circles of China and from all over the world. Skepticism was expressed about the fact that Professor He Yao, a genetic researcher from Shenzhen, had announced that. Human embryo genes can be trimmed with advanced techniques. "CRISPR-PINNINE" (CRISPR-Cas9) is the first baby in the world to get HIV infection.

The suspicions many people have for this scientific experiment. In addition, I do not really make the gene cut as it is claimed. Many experts also criticized that. This action breaches the Code of Conduct. Until recently, the Xinhua News Agency said that the Chinese National Health Commission (CNHC) had ordered to investigate this case as a matter of urgency.

Previously, He has quoted as said through a video recorded by the news agency and published on the UB website. Female and female twin twins have opened their eyes to the world a few weeks ago. Both babies assume the names "Lulu" and "Nana".

He graduated from the University of Stanford in the United States, who also claimed to have used the Chris Perry-Naine technique. Here is the way to break the gene to correct the generic defects that are very correct. Remove CCR5 gene into embryo both babies. This will cause women with HIV infections if they have been exposed or infected in the future.

"These two women were born with the ordinary amputee tube, but after his father's sperm blended with the eggs of the mother. We have set a sequence of sequencing and sequencing packages immediately To make the baby's genetic change as necessary, "said Professor.

However, in general, genetic modification in human embryos is unacceptable to serious ethical research in biomedical science. In many countries, including the United Kingdom, there are obvious prohibited laws. This is especially true in cases where embryo embryonic spread continues to be babies and is eventually born.

Generally Laboratory for transplant embryonic embryonic cell cells It has to destroy the embryos that have been proven. I can not be sure at the moment. How does genetic treatment affect people's long-term genetic diversity? Or will it affect the health of the person who is being cut in the future? It can also encourage the medical industry. "Baby by order", which has the same physical and intellectual characteristics that parents wish.

However, Professor Hee claims that he only devotes a way to make healthy children in the future. He did not want to produce "Children of the Order", but I do not understand. "I understand that my work will be a matter of debate. But I believe that this technology needs parents and many families. I am willing to take a criticism about them."

But many parties appear to be involved. Includes the hospital that carries the twins. And the University of South China Science and Technology, I do not agree with the announcement of success in this regard. The university announced a statement. No part of the research. Professor Hee went to the laboratory outside the university during unpaid leave since the beginning of the year. He also notes that Professor Hao. "Breaking academic norms and ethics"

However, it was reported that there was a genetic adjustment in the teacher's embryo human. It may have passed China's Ethics Committee's approval last year. The evidence is in the Chinese clinical trials registry (ChiCTR)

Dr. Dascoe Lee, a gun cell expert at King's College, says that in this case transplantation of human embryonic stem cells. It is contrary to ethics. Due to the current situation, there is no need to cut genes to combat HIV infection in any way. "The drug already exists. More than enough to prevent HIV infection for a mother-to-child. It also manages the spread of the disease," said Dr. Eli.

Professor Julian W. Woolsey, Ethics Research Scientist at Oxford University Generally transplanting human embryo The intention is to correct mutation of genes that cause different diseases such as cancer in the future. However, I used this experiment to have normal and perfect genetic strength. Here is the gene that causes the child to jeopardize the abnormalities that may arise from the test.

Over 100 Chinese scientists have issued a joint statement condemning Professor's actions. He claimed he had a metamorphic success without specialist verification and failed to issue a reliable academic magazine. It also calls for the government to regulate this ethical code.

"This event undermines the reputation of the Chinese community of science in the face of the world. It prevented the development of biomedical research in the country. That is not fair to most Chinese scholars. "We are committed to actively investigating and innovating."

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