Friday , August 19 2022

Chiang Rai Police Department urged to find "Captain", aged 5, provoking hundreds of people to find them.


The parents announced the discovery of the 5 year old son who was cured from the house during the day. Raising hundreds of villagers, searching through the village. There are 3 foreign cars coming into the village.

At 14.00 hours, On 4 May 2019, Pol said. Gen. Thanadon Pholphan, Chiang Khong Police Station, Chiang Rai Province, he has been told about the incident. Boy Shin Kritruejit (junior captain), 5 years old, disappeared from house number 23, Moo 5, Meng Huay Ban, Wiang Subdistrict, Chiang Khong District, Chiang Rai Province, from 12.10 hours to 12.45 hours. Yellow Blue shorts Yellow mince shoes By then, the child was home with a grandparent. By Ms Chanchipa Chantha Khwang, mother, captain Going out to work in Chiang Khong district With respect to the younger brother, Captain Tachacharakon Wacharakonjitjit, the government's office in Tak province, by disappearance, the girl who took care to buy food From grandmother living inside the house downstairs This is a two story house And the house will be a yard to buy fruit The captain often runs around the house. But when the aunt returned to call for food So call relatives to find them When finding the area around the house The village header sent more than 100 able men and brought along motorcycles. the village along the inlet and along the River Mekong until the captain or any remains were the night, but he did not stop searching.

Police Co-ordinate relevant agencies to help find children. With local authorities Volunteer Rescue Volunteer Helping each other throughout the afternoon did not arrive until about 16.00 pm. There was a good citizen of the name Mr. Payap (last named exclusive) opened Laem Pla Phao's shop in Tha Sai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province. The captain came with the elderly man to visit the shop to buy food.

Mr Payap said that there was an old color van about 3 pm. Written on the side of the car with black letters Students gather On the orange band As a shuttle General students With a man around 60 years old, black skin, wavy hair, high shape, full body, talking words, taking the boy with a vest yellow While the weather was hot The elderly man ordered rice to fry in a box. He also took a sodas for children to eat as he found it very hot. The child looks normal, with no panic symptoms.I think it should be a child-like driver. But when he went out for a while the chef said the child looked like a house captain Tachachai Wacharakon. So he immediately told the news 191

Chiang Khong Police Station director said he had followed the situation with the police throughout the afternoon to the night. After receiving the notification, he coordinated for each check point to help remove the van to send to the suspect as he received immediate clues through Chiang Rai. And coordinated with each area, region 5 as well as asking more information from the laboratory owner And chasing the closed circuit in the way to find a spot If so, the hijacker has been kidnapped

At the same time, on the other hand, they also checked the car suspected of coming to the village, which found 3 cars that were foreign cars coming into the village. village at midday to 1 pm when the child disappeared. A white pickup truck Isuzu without a license plate Blue coupe unknown license plate A bronze fundraising truck with a back canvas Come and sell a canvas sheet So he tried to follow the car to get further clues not yet to convince that the kids will who saw that Tha Sai will be the captain because they still find the link that has been transferred or not To see CCTV nearby And check more details No spot found village on the day of the event

Regarding the process of changing the car, the officer has not confirmed anything. By pursuing each path And he did not leave the issue that the child would disappear in the village As the area around the village was a fruit garden And children never go far Not sure whether you should go lost? Which authorities are accelerating the investigation and the search

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