Friday , August 19 2022

Channel 3 loses annual loss "61 over 330 million banned" Amarin "yielded in 4 years 172 million baht


The BEC group closed in 2018, a net loss of 330 million baht, identified by special costs, retirement projects and a reserve of over 270 million baht, while "Amarin" had turned to profit. 172 million baht in 4 years

Reporters reported that BEC World Public Company Limited had set out the results for the year 2018. Total BEC group revenue was 10,375.7 million baht, a 6% reduction with a net loss of 330.2 million baht from 2017, with a net profit of 61.01 million baht. Expenditure on retirement and workforce reduction in line with the organizational restructuring policy of 140.6 million baht and provision for long-term employee benefits According to the Labor Management Act, the amount was 134.8 million baht, while the Net loss of normal operations is 98.1 million baht.

The revenue or sale of advertising time for the BEC group in 2018 was 8,878.8 million baht, a 10.2% decrease of 2017 at 9,890.2 million baht, while overall market advertising spending grew slightly by 3.91%. From the sale of advertising time, the group of BEC is the main revenue of 85.6% of the total revenue. 3 "is the main business of the BEC group That is a decline in high market competition due to economic conditions, causing advertisers to use limited advertising spending more than in the past

Although revenue from copyright and other services was 1,054.8 million baht, an increase of 436.2 million baht or 70.5% of the previous year. With more revenue from online businesses through the platform and the BEC website, such as CH3Thailand and Mello, as well as partner platforms And increasing sales of drama rights to overseas

Although revenue from concerts and shows in 2018 was 368.5 million baht, a reduction of 85.7 million baht or 18.9% of the previous year.

From December 31, 2018, the BEC group had a total liabilities of 8,083.7 million baht, an increase of 298.3 million baht or 3.8% from the end of 2017 at 7,785.4 million baht.

While in the company's department Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Company Limited publishes the results of the year 2018, converting a net profit of 172.68 million baht in 4 years from 2017, a net loss of 163.94 million baht, while a total revenue of 3,526.39 million baht has increased from & Previous year. 1,289.20 million baht or 57.63 per cent, which is the result of digital television business growth with a 84.72 percent increase in revenue, online media business advertising and producing a Tulsa stats contract rising as high as 95.04 Perhaps, an increase of 12.24 per cent in business fairs and distribution business increased by 145.44 per cent respectively.

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