Monday , November 23 2020

Chanathip would like to improve the performance of the next game.

Chanathip would like to improve the work in the next game.

Cankip Songkrasin revealed that he had decided to miss out on the game, losing Shonan Bell Mare 0-2 when he paid for his fellow members to be replaced. Confirm the next game if there is no chance to let him slip Along with the most discerning happy man in a permanent military order in Sapporo

It was considered to be a bad start to the league in 2019. For the Sapporo Consulate after losing to Shonan Bell, come 0-2 from Japanese media such as jl / 20190223 / 910540.html / amp? After interviewing Chanathip to take the team number 18 of the north team about the errors that occur from those games

The national Playmaker Thai team opened their hearts, "In the game with Cheonan Bell, I chose to pay a lot of friends. Because he saw that Jay Boter or a new player like Anderson Lopez had better shot than himself, but now on I'll have to work hard to produce a lot more score In addition, look at winning Starting with a visit to Urawa Red Diamonds on Saturday, March 2. "

Meanwhile, "Chanakun" has opened up his mind to move to play for the permanent Sapporo Concappado, starting with this season with a 6 year contract with the expected value of being bought at a price of 2.4 million euros (about 84 million baht) After the game on February 23, "I'm happy to make Japanese people accept the job Before signing the contract to join the permanent team Feeling & Happy with this team Who is a team company, an executive, a fan, everyone is in a warm family. "

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